Flight 93 Memorial a Tribute to Terrorists?

The rewriting of 9/11 started almost before the fires stopped smoldering in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania. It hasn’t stopped. And nowhere is it more offensive than in the effort to build memorials to the victims of that horrific terrorist attack. The New York City memorial almost became not a tribute to heroes, but a “Freedom Center,” tasked with showing how the United States brought 9/11 on itself, and how peace, love, and the hug-a-terrorist philosophy could avoid other such attacks in the future.

Pennsylvania’s planned memorial raises a serious question, too – Does the design of the Flight 93 Memorial pay homage to Islam, and the terrorists responsible for that awful day? Blogger Alec Rawls of “Error Theory” thinks so, and he’s done a lot of research to prove it.

The evidence he has includes:

The memorial design is a perfect crescent – not just any crescent, but an Islamic crescent.

The memorial is oriented so that someone standing in the center of the crescent is perfectly facing Mecca.

The memorial includes multiple mosque features. Rawls’ book is due out shortly, and includes detailed analysis of the memorial. He’s also posted plenty of information at his sites: crescentofbetrayal.com and errortheory.blogspot.com.

The politically correct crowd, no doubt, is going to try and silence anyone who opposes this memorial. They’ll say its coincidence, an accident, just a shape. The problem with that argument is this: Even if the resemblance of the memorial to a mosque, and the apparent inclusion of the terrorists as part of the tally of victims are accidental, it is not acceptable. If there had been an immediate apology, and a complete redesign to avoid any possible misunderstanding, maybe. There wasn’t. A minor redesign barely veiled the features at issue.

The politically correct crowd will also try to say that bigotry is the only reason to react so strongly to this memorial, just as they did with the “Freedom Center.” But they can’t change the facts.

Islamic terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. It was an unmitigated atrocity.

Any memorial that trivializes that, or lumps the terrorists in with their victims, is likewise atrocious.

Pamela Duffy

Pamela Duffy is an Awesome Milblogger, who honors and writes about military men and women.