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Fall Sports Card & Collectibles Show Comes to Sunrise Mall

A happy collector at Sunrise Mall free memorabilia drawing.
A happy collector at Sunrise Mall free memorabilia drawing.
A happy collector at Sunrise Mall’s free memorabilia drawing.

In Citrus Heights, Sunrise Mall’s Fall Sports Card & Collectibles Show takes place this Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 11th. On Saturday, the show from 10:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

With free admission, free parking, and a free drawing for $2500.00 in sports memorabilia, this popular regional event promises to please collectors and shoppers of all ages.

A selection of baseball cards at Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card Show.

“Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card and Collectibles Show offers collectors a chance to buy, sell and trade with some of California’s finest dealers in sports cards, sports and movie memorabilia, toys, anime, comics, and collectibles,” says Carole Berry of California Sports Card Shows. “A bi-annual tradition for the past fifteen years,” she says, “this event is set in the perfect venue for collectors and shoppers. Because the event takes place throughout the entire common area of Sunrise Mall, shoppers may conveniently enter from any entrance and parking area.”

A selection of sports memorabilia available at Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card Show

With the common area of the Mall basically one long, spacious, well lit space, it’s easy for shoppers to peruse through the many booths offering a diverse selection of merchandise. Sunrise Mall’s new Food Court, located between Penney’s and Macy’s North, offers a welcome respite to weary shoppers.

Collectors attending this weekend’s event will be eligible for free drawings for merchandise totaling $2500.00 in value. Entry coupons may be picked up from any dealer in the show, Sunrise Mall Customer Service (located near Macy’s Womens and the Fountain), or in Sears’ Court where the grand prizes will be on display both days.

Autographed Celebrity Photos at Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card Show

Over fifty prizes will be given to lucky winners. The theme for the grand prize drawing will be the popular Sacramento Kings and will include an autographed Mike Bibby custom matted and framed jersey plus other autographed, custom matted and framed Kings’ memorabilia. The grand prize drawing takes place Sunday at 1:00 p.m. in Sears’ Court (winners must be present.)

Collectible comics at Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card Show

“Its still a thrill for young and old alike to search for a special baseball card to complete a collection,” says Carole Berry. “I got a call this week from a proud father who said his young daughter was starting a collection of cards and wanted to know more about the show. He was thrilled when I said she can buy, sell and trade with our dealers. We also get a lot of people shopping for holiday gifts for loved ones at this time of year: a matted picture of a favorite golf, baseball, basketball, football, racing or boxing celebrity, an out-of-circulation beanie baby or toy, or a custom-made sports’ themed piece of jewelry. Movie memorabilia is popular as well, with trading cards, photographs, and autographs of favorite stars. We even have regular dealers who have, over the years, specialized in specific sports so long that they are only known to their colleagues and shoppers by nicknames such as “Raider Steve” and “Boxing Bob!”

Collectible jerseys at the Sunrise Mall Show

For more information on the Sunrise Mall Sports Card and Collectibles Show, go to www.tbcashows.info or call Sunrise Mall Customer Service at 916 961 7150. Sunrise Mall is located at 6041 Sunrise Blvd. at the intersection of Greenback Lane in Citrus Heights, California.

Collectors buy, sell and trade at Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card Show
Hopeful collectors line up to win a matted and framed autographed celebrity jersey at Sunrise Mall’s Sports Card Show
Matt Puska & wife, Annie, Sunrise Mall Sports Card Show Dealers

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