Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve Gift: The Ashanti Alert Act

Ashanti Alert Act Signed

Donald Trump signed the Ashanti Alert Act just before the end of 2018, on December 31st. The new Act, championed by Senator Mark Warner, D-Va., creates a nationwide alert system for missing and endangered adults between 18 and 64 years of age.

Ashanti Billie, a young black college student, was last seen alive in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia in September 2017. Two weeks later, she was found dead in North Carolina. Her body was dumped there into a dumpster, by Eric Brian Brown, a retired Navy veteran, police allege.

eric brian brown alleged murderer. Ashanti Alert act.
Eric Brian Brown alleged murderer of Ashanti Billie.

There is already a child abduction alert system and a system to help locate missing seniors.

At 19, Billie was too old for an Amber Alert, and too young for a Silver Alert. The new Ashanti Alert is a federal system that can be used by all states, not just Virginia. The Ashanti Alert allows police to notify radio and TV stations, and activate road and highway electronic signboards for missing adults.

Here is the criminal complaint against Brown.

This 13News Now video explains:

This video below by Anthony Brian Logan explains more.

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