California Legislation Would Abolish Parental Control of Childrens Choice of Sex

It has become clear for some time that there is no limit to which a leftist will go in their attempts to control mankind from the cradle to the grave. Even the fear of voter backlash in an election year does not seem to slow them down any longer. Why else would Obama come out of the closet in full support of same sex marriage, at the same time that California Democrats are attempting to criminalize a parent’s influence upon their child’s sexual orientation.

Passing through the California Senate Judiciary committee by a vote of 3-1, SB 1172 is on its way to the full Senate for consideration. If passed into law, it won’t be long before therapists, psychologists, counselors and parents could be convicted of crimes against the state if they ever attempt to change a child’s sexual orientation.

Sponsored by State Senator Ted W. Lieu (D) Senate Bill 1172 (pdf file) discourages “sexual orientation change efforts” of adults and essentially makes it illegal to change the sexual orientation of minors.

boys kissing
boys kissing

The legislation would require all adults to sign a consent form before they undergo any therapy that would attempt to change their sexual orientation from gay to straight, or even straight to gay. As for the children, SB 1172 would abolish all parental control that influences whether they will grow up to be gay or heterosexual. Furthermore, parents who violate this law could lose custody of their children to the state.

You can bet that if this gets signed into law, there will be lawsuits all the way to the Supreme Court. Especially when you consider that this bill would give the state the right to step into doctors’ examination rooms, or psychiatrist offices and gag them from treating patients. In essence it would destroy doctor-patient confidentiality by requiring full disclosure of the doctor’s therapy, and state control of what they can and cannot say to patients during treatment.

As of today, Democrats around the country are salivating at the chance to get similar legislation started in their states. Sources close to Nancy Pelosi have even suggested that if the Democrats regain control of the House, that she would support similar legislation at the federal level. So not only are the Democrats fully on board with same-sex marriage, with Obama leading the charge, but also they want to begin a movement that would outlaw parental control at the federal level in the same way that Democrat legislatures desire to do so at the state level.

boy at the piano.

A search of the leftist blogosphere reveals that gay rights advocates across the country are touting the bill as a turning point in the war against bigotry and homophobia. The gay and lesbian community leaders have been told by California governor Jerry Brown, that if the legislation gets to his desk he will sign it into law. Those who support this bill as something that will advance gay rights better think twice, because the law can work both ways. Consider if you will case of 11-year-old Thomas Lobel (right) of Oakland, CA, who is being raised by two lesbians, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel.

Boy wants to be a girl
Boy wants to be a girl

Pauline and Debra say Thomas wants to be a girl named Tammy (right), and so they decided to put Thomas on hormone blockers to delay the onset of puberty. Their reasoning is because they want him to have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender. I am guessing that this couple is probably all for SB 1172. However, if this bill becomes the law of California, then they could be arrested and lose custody of Thomas for interfering with the boy’s decision as to what his sexual orientation will be.

The left is trying to convince lawmakers, and the public that this bill needs to be law to save individuals like Scotti Maldonado from a life of trauma. Now 25, Scotti claims that when he was 15 his youth pastor brought him to a therapist, hoping the visit would put a stop to his homosexual tendencies. Scotti was convinced that it would be best to live a heterosexual life, but after years of struggling he says he could not deny his true feelings any longer. 10 years after he underwent the therapy pushed on him by his youth pastor, Scotti is now in a committed relationship with another man. He says conversion therapy is wrong and ineffective.

Russell Willingham disagrees. He is a certified clinical sexual addiction specialist New Creation Ministries in Fresno. Willingham admits that he hasn’t been able to “change” every client he sees, but says he has made more progress than not during his 19 years of service.

“I’ve seen people like that experience significant change, and they didn’t commit suicide or become drug addicts. In fact, those were the problems they had prior to seeing me.”

Sadly, homosexual activists and politically-motivated psychiatrists falsely claim that no one can come out of homosexuality. That is why the radical left-wing-dominated government of California has passed legislation that forces our children to be taught about the homosexual lifestyle and now they have crafted a bill, SB-1127, that will make it a crime for therapists to counsel teens struggling with same-sex attraction. Well the truth is, thousands have overcome same-sex attraction. The video below is one woman’s story.

As pointed out below, this bill cites only one study to support its claims, presumably the most scientifically important research from the perspective of the sponsors of the bill (i.e., the group “California Equity”). The citation of one single study to create new civil law can serve to expose how activist agendas and politicians who are ignorant of research methods can work together to distort science and dictate a particular partisan outcome.

California Senate Bill 1172: A Scientific and Legislative Travesty

This analysis of the science behind SB 1172’s intention to ban SOCE to minors should in no way be construed to imply that psychological injury does not occur from family rejection for some GLB youth. NARTH clinicians share a concern for the welfare of GLB youth and therefore take great care to determine if coercive influences are implicated when minors present for SOCE. While some opponents no doubt view SOCE with minors by definition as reflecting family rejection, there is no data to back up this claim, and the experience of NARTH professionals is that parents can be assisted to love and accept their child without having to sacrifice their traditional values regarding sexual expression.

My intent in this brief investigation of the Ryan, et al. (2009) study through the lens of the APA Task Force’s (2009)methodological standards is simply to demonstrate how science appears to have been hijacked in the service of concocting an authoritative-sounding link between SOCE, family rejection, and negative health outcomes.

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