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America’s Top 10 Psychic: Ordained Minister Rose Stuart

Psychic Rose Stuart

Rose Stuart, one of America’s Most Accurate Psychics, is helping many Americans when they need it most, during this difficult time when much of the country is divided from the current political climate. Based right in the Heartland of America, in Great Falls, Montana at 1201 10th Avenue, South, Suite 102 A. Great Falls, Montana, Rose also has a thriving location at The Chinook Centre Mall in Calgary, Canada that is also widely popular.

An internationally known psychic who is considered one of America’s most accurate, Rose Stuart reported the 9-11 attack, the election of President Trump, the Russian hacks, and more. Hollywood Sentinel dot com names Rose Stuart as one of America’s Top 10 Psychics.

Licensed Marriage Counselor

Considering her psychic work a gift from God, not only as her work, but a part of her religion, Rose Stuart is also an Ordained Minister. Offering spiritual retreats all over the country in states including Washington, California, Seattle, Idaho, and more, Rose also offers marriage counseling, and life coaching, as a certified marriage counselor.

Specializing in helping to re-unite lovers and loved ones, Rose also assists in removing negative energy blocks, removing evil spirits, exorcisms (similar to what the Catholic Church does), card readings, palm readings, reading one’s aura (energy field), and more.

A big supporter of farmers and officers in the military, Rose has helped many farmers with intuitive advice regarding their crops, and with men and women in the service, as well as retired veterans, children, and others from all walks of life.

She also counsels on helping to break cycles of physical abuse in families and relationships, among other greatly important tasks. Rose even helps pets, who most pet owners will attest – are very intelligent beings that can think and feel.

You Tell her Nothing – She Tells You All

Rose began her work in the intuitive arts at a very young age, having visions and premonitions as young as 4 years old. Her gifted ability only grew as she grew older, with each year adding to her experience as to how the gift of intuition and the spiritual realm works, and how to better control and harness such energies and visions.

Rose says that at times she communicates with angels, which help guide her to the truth for her clients. While skeptics may scoff at such a claim, those with faith in God or an afterlife understand that such a possibility is real. Rose challenges skeptics to come try out a reading for as little as ten dollars – with an open mind. Her tag line says it all, “You tell her nothing, she tells you all.” Such a bold claim may seem far fetched to any logical mind – until that is, one experiences a reading from Rose Stuart themselves.

Shockingly Real Readings

Beginning by telling the client information about their past that is not public information, that no one else could ever know, Rose Stuart quickly establishes the proof of reality to her new and ongoing clients that what she does is very much indeed real – and utterly amazing, with factual insight.

Channeling the Divine

Rose states that she comes from a family of intuitive workers, from both of her parents, to her grandparents and even great grandparents. She repeatedly reminds clients how her readings are not from her, but messages from the divine.

She frequently offers prayers for clients, lights white candles for them, and asks that God bless them. One can not but help feel and know that Rose is very sincere with what she does and says, and takes her work very seriously. With a warm heart, a sincere spirit, and a strong voice that many swear channels the divine, It is evident that Rose – behind her kind eyes and warm smile, genuinely likes and cares about people.

Readings for all Budgets

With readings as little as ten dollars for palm readings, Rose also performs more involved work for clients at around a hundred dollars, which may involve readings and coaching. That is still quite a bargain compared to most in her field with a fraction of her ability. Rose adds that she works with a number of large, established churches, and even helps many with depression and other problems through forms of holistic healing.

Speaking with an Open Mind

Certainly not your average psychic, Rose Stuart proves that the field – despite having its share of persons that are dishonest – deserves a fair examination when it comes to Rose, her background, and the many testimonials of her clients from all over the world. A phone call or visit with Rose will undoubtedly prove to anyone with an open mind that here indeed is a woman with a refined, special gift that is at once both instantly recognizable, undoubtedly startling, and undeniably invaluable to anyone on this great journey we call life.

Visit Rose at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc.

1201 10th Av, South, Suite 102 A,

Great Falls, Montana, 59405

Call Rose from anywhere in the world at:

Tel: 406-866-0733 and also

Tel: 406-788-5348

Email Rose directly at: GreatFallsRose@gmail.com

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