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Veterans Day in Folsom

The day started out overcast but didn’t feel as though it would rain.

Veterans day in Folsom can be hit or miss that way.

Today just felt good, and that’s the way it was.

Parents and kids, grandparents, neighbors, friends and veterans lined the road, standing and sitting on camp chairs. Steve Carr of Folsom said “What a great way to celebrate Veterans’ Day with the grandkids.”

Jenny Cardona, a Desert Storm veteran with her daughter Isabel and son Jazz said “I’m here supporting our veterans and enjoying the day off and honoring our men and women soldiers, past, present and future, for what they do.”

The parade began exactly on time, with the color guard leading. Folsom High School Marching Band stepped off with a brisk ratta-tatta- tatta-tatta-tat.

The Army was well represented and I heard a loud “Oorah” for the


If you appeared in the parade, you should be in one of these three videos and if I spoke to you, you should be in one of them too.

There are three separate videos

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