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Masterful Storytelling, Heroism, Sacrifice and Sadness

Captain Matthew Freeman.
Captain Matthew Freeman.

Captain Matthew Charles Hays Freeman

This week, I read a very moving story. It made my eyes water. I don’t recall reading any of Ashley Halsey III’s work before, but after reading “A Heroic Death, Without the Headlines,” I wish I had.

I found them there, together, the writer and the hero, at the Washington Post, in a link forwarded by Susan Warren, sender of thousands of packages, mostly to Marines.

Ashley Halsey wrote a powerful and moving story, masterfully told. The story made me stop, give up two hours of my time, and pulled me into the life of Captain Freeman.

Marine Captain Matthew Freeman’s family should know that story will bring tears to the eyes of many. Brave men die in the service of their country and their country is often too busy to notice.

We asked NewsBlaze readers to slow down a little, to take the time to read about this brave man, to read the story and marvel at the way the words pull them into Captain Freeman’s life.

We thank Captain Matthew Freeman for his service, his family for making him the man he was, his friends and teachers for being part of his life, his Marines for making him strong and for being with him.

We thank his wife for her sacrifice. I don’t know what we can ever do to repay her, but for a few days, her husband was our front page photo and we linked to the Post story. We asked all who passed by, to take a few minutes to read about a patriot who loved his family and his country, and gave up his life so others could be free.

Thank you Captain and Mrs Freeman.

Thank you Ashley Halsey III.

Thank you Washington Post

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