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Marines Need Our Help

A Marine after the fire
A Marine after the fire

Everybody knows that our Marines are very capable of handling anything they encounter in the frontlines of the current war efforts. Late last week though, a unit of Marines lost everything they own. Lima company camp was totally burned and the Marines now have only the clothes on their backs. A call has gone out, and yes, Soldiers’ Angels is involved, to get the most basic supplies to the Marines in a hurry. The list of things these heroes need includes:

A Marine after the fire

Pillows, running Shoes (Sizes 9-12) with the most common size being 10 1/2, socks, green pt short, green t-shirts (military) disposable razors, hygiene items, snacks, hydration of any sort….really just ANYTHING YOU CAN SPARE FOR THESE HEROES!!!

From the War on Terror News site comes this:

A total of 50 Marines lost everything and about 30 Marines lost half of their stuff. These men need us more now then ever. If you could please help. I can’t do this alone. [Link: http://waronterrornews.typepad.com/home/2008/06/marines-need-yo.html]

Kassie Claughton is co-ordinating the SA effort, and there are two ways you can help. You can email Kassie at:




Semper Fi

and let her know what you can send. She will give you the mailing address. OR you can donate directly to a special fund set up through SA and indicate “Marine Fire Fund” on it and SA will get more supplies in the donors name and ship them over! SA main site for donations can be found at:


Our Marines stand for us. Now they need to know we stand with them. Thank you for ANY help you can give.

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