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Craig Donor Asks: Can You Pass The Patriot Guard Test

“There’s a thousand things I’d rather do, but nothing’s more important.”

Craig H. Donor, Patriot Guard Rider

Craig Donor, Patriot Guard Riders, addresses one of the Soldiers’ Angels dinners held in Pasadena.

From a beginning of 35 – 40 American legion members standing against 25-40 protesters, Craig said the Patriot Guard Riders now number 130,002 members worldwide, from all walks of life.

This is a brief history of the Patriot Guard Riders, who – only at the express invitation of the families of the fallen – make it their mission to show the sincere respect for the families and the fallen.

From greeting the fallen at the airport, to attending the families until their hero is laid to their final rest, the Patriot Guard Riders are part of the healing process for the families.

They stand with the families .” ..as the REAL heart of America.” … Craig H Donor, Gy Sgt USMC (ret)


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