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Classified War Documents Released

Wikileaks has released the “Iraq War Diaries”; a report dated back almost 10 years of just about every detail of the war including, attacks on American Soldiers, Iraq soldiers and even civilians.

These reports were classified until someone leaked them on the 22nd of October 2010. The reason why it is so controversial is because until now the American public was told that the death toll in Iraq was very low and sometimes said the reports were not complete. Not only does this prove war crimes on the previous administration but it may make most of us sit back and think about what has gone on in the past 2 years with the current administration.

The number of contract soldiers outnumbered the US troops in Iraq and have now been moved to Afghanistan. The current administration not only knew about these reports but knew that the majority of the civilians being killed were being killed by contract soldiers, so their solution was to move them to Afghanistan.

So, let’s put this into perspective; we entered Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban and find Osama Bin Laden. This month marks the 9th year and we still have yet to succeed. We invaded Iraq based nothing more than a lie. No weapons of mass destruction, no reason to believe we were in impeding danger.

To President Obama’s credit, we have started leaving Iraq and ended the war, however, we need not forget that we went there for no reason, destroyed the country, killed thousands of people and are now walking away. I don’t think that sits well with the American public. Now we find out that the government along with the military have been hiding important facts about the activity in Iraq. Why did they hide it? Well they didn’t want the American public to know that what they were doing or trying to do in Iraq was genocide.

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