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Ashraf Residents Report Harrassment and Suppressive Measures At Camp Liberty

Immediately after the buses transporting 397 Camp Ashraf residents reached Camp Liberty at 7:00am Baghdad time, Saturday February 18, Iraqi Forces started their suppressive measures and harassment of the residents.

This was while since 2:00pm of the previous day, the residents were at the location of the buses and the Iraqi Forces spent 12 hours for an unusual inspection accompanied by mistreatment and denigration of the residents.

At the time of inspections, a number of vehicles of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad and the Quds Force were present at the location of the Iraqi brigade.

The Iraqis officials who led these impositions on Ashraf were Lieutenant Heydar Azab Mashi and Captain Ahmad Khuzayr. They have committed in the past few years most of the suppressive actions against the residents. They are both agents of Quds Force. During the inspections, Heydar told the residents: “At Camp Liberty, Colonel Nazar is waiting for you.” Nazar is one of the most brutal and most suppressive Iraqi officer who in recent years has carried out the orders of the Iraqi committee tasked with suppression of Ashraf residents and the Quds Force against the residents of Ashraf.

Developments of February 17th and 18th clearly prove the previously announced positions of the Iranian Resistance that the Ashraf residents’ relocation project is carried out solely at the behest of the Iranian regime and is led by the Quds Force.

As it was announced previously by the residents, after their show of goodwill through the relocation of a group of 400 residents, it is now the time for the United Nations and the United States to provide the minimum guarantees for the residents, end the presence of police inside the camp and station the police outside the area of the camp, remove the barriers for moving the residents’ vehicles and movable properties and provide them with free passage or increase the camp’s area and open the camp’s doors to the lawyers and reporters. Otherwise, Camp Liberty will be only a prison and not even a single more person would be willing to go there.

All facts indicate that the Iraqi government, on the orders of the Iranian regime, intends to transform Camp Liberty into a full-fledged prison. The Iranian Resistance warns the U.S. government, the UN Secretary General, and the UN Security Council to prevent turning Camp Liberty to a prison and causing a humanitarian tragedy.

Now I would like to draw your attention to more details on this issue in a statement attacked bellow.

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