US Marks With Sadness 2nd Anniversary of the Death of Two Russian Journalists

The United States today remembered with sadness the second death anniversary of human rights defender and journalist Nataliya Estemirova, and the death of Forbes journalist and editor Paul Klebnikov, who died in Russia seven years ago on the 9th of July.

“Both were killed promoting society’s right to know the truth. The United States supports the efforts of brave journalists across the globe, who like Nataliya and Paul, speak out against abuses and work to secure fundamental freedoms of expression and press.” – Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner

Natalya Khusainovna Estemirova was an award-winning Russian human rights activist. She was also a board member of the Russian human rights organisation called the “Memorial.”

Paul Klebnikov.

Paul Klebnikov was an American journalist of Russian descent who worked for Forbes Magazine for over 10 years. He was murdered in Moscow. His assasination was said to be a big blow against investigative journalism in Russia.

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