More Radio Stations Carry Automotive Expert’s Advice

Pam Oakes is a national authority on automotives, and several radio stations have decided to air one minute segments giving their listeners invaluable tidbits and advice on how to get the most out of their vehicles, and how to save money. Her segment is called, “Car Care for the Clueless: Daily Edition”. The radio stations who have decided to provide this invaluable service to their listeners are:

  • KCAA 1050 AM Loma Linda, CA
  • WOMI 1490 AM Owensboro KY (Louisville)
  • In addition to these stations, Pam has just signed another contract with KCAA 1050 AM to continue her Saturday 9a PT live show. There are 22 other stations currently carrying Pam’s “Car Care for the Clueless: Daily Edition.”

    For information on how you can get “Car Care for the Clueless: Daily Edition” or to listen to one of Pam’s minutes, please contact: [email protected]

    Join Auto Tech Pam Oakes ASE/EETAS on Car Care for the Clueless Daily Edition every morning – Coast-to-Coast – on CBS Radio stations including: New York City WINS 1010AM, Boston WBZ 1030AM, Dallas-Fort Worth KRLD 1080AM, Los Angeles KNX 1070AM, Anthony Duva Show (nationally syndicated), KJAX, Lubbock TX, WLOB, Portland ME, James Lowe Show (nationally syndicated), KRMS, Osage Beach MO, Fort Myers Beach Radio, Fort Myers, FL, WWRL, NYC, WGBB, Nassau, NY, WJVC Suffolk, VA, Wide Open Radio (online and terrestrial radio) Washington DC, WMWX, Miamitown OH, WKCX, Crittenden KY, WYNS, Waynesville OH, WPTF Horsepower Half-Hour, Raleigh NC, WTIM, Boston

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    Shannon Rose

    Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.