Media Ignoring Rape Accusation against Snopes Founder

The mainstream media has once again assumed a deafening silence on an important story of domestic violence and sexual abuse of women as co-founder of Snopes David Mikkelson has been accused of rape and domestic violence by his wife, Elyssa Young.

Young’s Emotional Facebook Post

Elyssa Young took to Facebook to reveal that Mikkelson repeatedly raped her and ignored her requests to stop abusing her. In an emotionally charged post on September 9, Young wrote of her “rich husband” who raped her “every morning.” She also wrote in the same post that the many attorneys she saw about the abuse all tried to convince her that she shouldn’t pursue domestic violence charges against her husband.

I went to multiple lawyers all of which were happy to take my savings and then tell me how wonderful david was and that i should not persue domestic violence charges.

Elyssa facebook post
Screenshot @ Facebook

Young, who is a former porn star, is the second wife of Mikkelson, who married her in 2016 after divorcing his first wife Barbara, the co-founder of Snopes, in 2015. The current relationship status of Young on her Facebook profile shows she is separated.

Mainstream Media Assumes Silence

Despite claiming to care for women who are abused and speak up against male dominance, leftist mainstream media sources have not reported on Elyssa Young’s story of rape and domestic violence allegations against Mikkelson. The Gateway Pundit, a conservative daily, posted a story on September 22 about Young’s claims of abuse at the hands of Mikkelson. The story provided significant context for Mikkelson’s divorce from his first wife, Barbara.

During the divorce, Barbara Mikkelson’s court filing alleged that her former husband and founder of Snopes had embezzled $98K from the company and spent it on himself and the services of prostitutes.

A few other conservative or alternative news sites, like en-volve, have also posted about Young’s revelations of rape and abuse.

Mikkelson’s Plagiarism and Suspension from Snopes

David Mikkelson was suspended from Snopes in the summer of 2021 after he confessed plagiarizing dozens of stories on the website, mostly ripping the content directly from major news sources like BBC, CNN, NBC, and others. Daily Mail cited Mikkelson as:

I want to express how sorry I am to those whose copyright I violated, to our staff, and to our readers.

Mikkelson, however, continues to work as the CEO of Snopes.