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Wake Up America!!!

I cannot believe the inexcusable, appalling behavior that I’ve observed in the town hall meetings on the Health Care debate lately. The shouting and disrespectful behavior needs to come to a blazing end if we want to go forward successfully on Health Care.

Sure, we have our share of problems on the issue of Health Care, overall, but do we need to carry out uncivilized behavior to bring our point across? Can we truly call ourselves a Democratic, free, civilized society with this type of behavior?

It’s time to chill out, people, and start examining the facts for what they are and start finding sensible, reasonable solutions that will work for everyone. Give President Obama a chance to prove himself first before you go off on a shouting match. It makes for great TV for a surprising number of Americans. However, as Americans, I would hope we would be much smarter than that.

I realize over 51% of Americans do not understand the Health Care Reform bill. Why? Think about it logically for a moment. I believe it’s about time to start educating ourselves before we go off on a shouting match, brawl with our politicians. The Health Care Reform bill will go through some growing pains before it goes on a smooth path.

Give President Obama and his Administration a chance to at least to smooth out the severe, painful wrinkles before a shouting match explodes. If nothing works-That’s fine. At least we can tell ourselves, we examined everything with a clear mind and civilized manner.

I personally do not think President Obama’s Health Care Reform bill will work for everyone on an equal footing. I’m even a skeptic that it has the potential to work for anyone no matter who they are or what their health care needs may be. Although, at least, I am giving President Obama a chance to smooth out the painful wrinkles and discover what works and what doesn’t.

If nothing works, we should be fine with it-with a sensible, civilized attitude, mannerisms. And, it will take some time to smooth out these painful wrinkles. President Obama needs to come full circle with this reality himself as well. I don’t think it has hit him quite yet.

It will in time when he is clear to the public on everything. Still, it’s time to wake up and chill out America. Start educating yourselves before your big mouths explode insensibly. However, the same rules apply to President Obama and his Administration as well.

Jasmine Filipovski is the author of ‘The Handicapped. Taking a Second Closer Look.’ Jasmine writes articles and opinion pieces on the disabled and other topics and seeks to syndicate her work with newspapers and magazines.

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