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Trends That Affected the Anti-Aging Business in 2017

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The anti-aging business is ever-evolving and changing to meet new demands. New technologies have been introduced, both with non-intrusive and surgical fields, which is changing how most procedures are done. Here are a few other skincare trends that have defined the anti-aging business this year.

More Emphasis on Environmental Effects

Clients are more and more conscious of the effect the environment and pollution have on their skin. For this reason, the cosmetic industry is putting more effort and resources into the development of products that tackle the effects of pollutants on the skin, and prevention and protection from these pollutants.

In addition, cosmetic ingredient manufacturers like IBR, Ashland, ID Bio, Lipotec, and Symrise are also joining the trend by offering compounds that have a goal of blocking and protecting the skin against various polluting agents.

Innovations in Injectables

In addition to more emphasis on environmental effects, major advances have been made in the world of injectables and many new ingredients have been added. Many variations of Hyaluronic are being added to injectable treatments, as well as in many over the counter products. Hyaluronic acid is well-known for its moisturizing qualities and it has become a staple in skin care treatments. Clinics like Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast have also started integrating a wide variety of fillers into their practice.

Probiotics and Superfoods

When people think of probiotics, they usually think about nutrition. While probiotics in the agro-business are still all the rage, they are also being introduced into cosmetics as well. Probiotics have great properties when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Probiotic bacteria that have been shown to be most beneficial to the skin include bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, and we can expect to see more of these ingredients next year as well.

Superfoods have also made their appearance in the anti-aging sector as well. More and more skin care products contain superfoods such as moringa, kale, or green tea, all having their specific set of properties. We’re also seeing a rise in organic, food-based skin care lines as well.

Ingestible Skin Care

In addition to adding foods into topical treatments, we’ve also seen the rise of ingestible skin care treatments that are meant to fix skin conditions and limit aging from within. More and more people nowadays understand the importance of their diet on their skin and how it ages, which has prompted many businesses to move towards this sector. Products like Glow molecule by Fountain or Beauty Dust by Moonjuice are two prime examples of ingestible skin care solutions that aim to treat skin through nutrition.

As you can see, much has changed in the world of cosmetics and anti-aging in 2017. Clients are no longer limited to Botox injections and have many options at their disposal. Clients are using a more holistic approach to anti-aging and are moving to organic skin products and ingestible skin care solutions. The future’s looking bright for the anti-aging sector and the future will surely continue to surprise us with brand new innovations that will transform the way we view anti-aging treatments.

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