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Total Recall – Choose The Dream You Want With Hypnosis!

We all remember the film “Total Recall,” where Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) decides to take a “vacation” with a company called “Rekall,” who sell imaginary adventures by implanting false memories.

Be honest, after seeing that film didn’t you wish (if only secretly) you could experience an adventure like that?

Quaid chose to go to Mars and was able to select who he would be, what he would do, and who would keep him company (in this case a brunette woman).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could live out a fantasy like that? But that’s only possible in Science Fiction, isn’t it?

Maybe not! What if you could create the dreams you want by using a specially designed Hypnosis Download, so that you too can decide the plot, the location and who appears in it?

Unlike Rekall’s adventure, which created a plot around Quaid’s request, this new hypnosis download allows you to make the dream almost exactly the way you want it.

How accurate your dream will be depends very much on the detail you think of when listening to the download. If you were to think of a trip to Mars (like Quaid), the result would be limited to the knowledge your sub-conscious has of that planet. If, like me, you have no memories of Mars (except from films), the dream may not be very convincing.

However, if you try to think of things or people that you know, this will produce much better results, as your sub-conscious will be able to use the information stored in your memory to much greater effect.

Are there any limits to what you can dream about? Not really, the only limit is your mind. We have probably all experienced incredible dreams in our time, where we have been doing things we wouldn’t dare consider in real life, or having special powers that do not exist in the real world.

One of the good points about the Fantasy Dream Hypnosis Download is the ability of the user to choose a subject without anyone else knowing. This means you can select the wildest topic imaginable, and no one will know your secret. It can of course be used as many times as you like, and at just Pounds 9.95 it is a lot less than Douglas Quaid paid for his trip!

A question that is often raised about hypnosis is the safety aspect and whether there are any dangers in trying to manipulate the mind. The simple answer to that is No. Hypnosis is not “Black Magic” or a tool of the “Devil”, these descriptions were introduced hundreds of years ago (when people were burnt at the stake for being different).

Hypnosis is commonly used nowadays to treat Phobias and Fears, to help people stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, overcome blushing and much more. Even doctors are suggesting patients could try hypnosis, if more traditional treatment fails to help (especially for patients with terminal diseases), as hypnosis can be very effective at reducing pain.

Although hypnosis works for most people, some take longer to hypnotise than others. There can be a number of reasons for this: some are afraid to be hypnotised and fear that they will be told to do terrible things if they lose control, some respond differently to the way suggestions are made, and others perhaps don’t take it seriously.

Many find it hard to believe, but hypnosis cannot force people to do things they wouldn’t normally do (especially if you consider them dangerous).

Apart from encouraging you to relax, sleep and have dreams based on your own suggestions (with the help of hypnosis), this download has no other purpose.

Perhaps one day a machine, like that seen in Total Recall, will be available, but until then hypnosis is a perfectly good way to achieve much the same.

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