The Amazing Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee for Everyday People

Did you know that cold brew has around 67% less acidity than traditional hot coffee? That’s why it’s sweeter and easier on your digestive system.

There are other health benefits that cold brew can give you too!

Here are the amazing benefits of cold brew coffee for everyday people.

Helps Stimulate Brain Activity

Adopting the habit of drinking coffee around three-to-five times a day during the middle of your lifespan, can decrease your chances of developing dementia later on in your life.

This was a 21-year long-term study with over one thousand individuals by the Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging, and Dementia or CAIDE group.

Studies using over 30,000 people in Sweden also show positive results with coffee consumption and being at risk for a stroke.

Drinking around a cup a day of coffee gives you less of a risk of having a stroke than those who don’t drink coffee every day.

There is plenty of other studies and all with similar results that lead professionals to believe that drinking coffee on a daily basis can help stimulate brain activity and lead individuals to having healthy and happy lives.

Cold Brew Coffee is Full of Antioxidants

Your body’s DNA and protein molecules are constantly fighting off the invasion from free radicals. One way to help combat radicals is by consuming food high in antioxidants.

Coffee is one of those foods that has a lot of antioxidants in it. This helps your body defend itself from certain diseases, and in some cases, even cancer.

There are also a lot of polyphenols in coffee. These polyphenols can also help possibly prevent other harmful conditions like type two diabetes and heart disease.

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Less Acidic

Another benefit of consuming cold brew is enjoying the flavor of coffee without as much acidity in your body.

This is because of the brewing temperature of the coffee. Cold brew has a much colder brewing temperature than traditional hot coffee, hence its name.

The colder temperature of the process means that the oils that are inside of the coffee beans don’t release into the brew.

This acid is what can cause issues with your gut and what makes you experience diarrhea after drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Inflammation of the gut can be the reason you experience pain and bloating.

Having lower acidity levels affects the flavor of the coffee, causing the coffee to taste slightly sweeter than normal.

The lower acidity levels are also important because it makes it easier for the coffee to pass through your digestive system. This makes cold brew better for those with digestive problems.

Get in the Habit

Getting in the habit of drinking cold brew coffee and coffee, in general, can have some positive benefits for your body as you age and get older.

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