Sleep Poses & Their Meanings

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 1

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to everyone, regardless of age, sex, occupation and so on. Without enough sleep, one can end up losing his or her health and even shortening his or her lifespan as well.

There are different kinds of sleepers. Sleepers often sleep in three main positions such as on their stomach, sideways or on their back. All these sleeping poses reflect a person’s inner personality. This article will discuss some of these sleeping poses and their meanings. So, read on and learn what each sleeping position says about the sleeper!

  1. Side Sleepers:

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 2

It is a known fact that a person spends a quarter of his or her life sleeping. Therefore, for a person to get a good night’s sleep, he or she must choose a very comfortable and suitable size bed to snooze on.

The first kind of sleepers are the side sleepers. They lie on their sides facing only half of the body on the floor. This kind of sleeping position is the most common.

  1. Fetal Pose Sleepers:

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 3

The second kind of sleeper is those that adopt the fetal pose. In this pose, they sleep just like a baby with its knees towards the chest, tightly bound together.

This pose suggests that such kind of people are tough looking but are actually very sensitive.

  1. Log Sleepers:

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 4

The third kind of sleeping pose is the log pose. In this pose, people usually sleep while pulling their arms down toward the body. Looking carefully they look like a piece of log.

Studies reveal that such kind of sleepers are very social and like to mingle a lot. They are very popular among their circle because of their friendly character.

  1. Yearned Posers:

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 5

The Yearned posers are those who sleep with their arms stretched forwards in front of their face. This is the most common sleeping position.

Studies have revealed that such posers are very open-minded but suspicious at the same time. One cannot really know much about their mysterious personality.

  1. Pillow hugging pose:

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 6

The next sleeping position does not need much explanation. These sleepers are mainly known as ‘pillow huggers’ because they sleep hugging the pillow. Lots of pillow huggers are around today.

Undoubtedly, they are the best kind of lovable people who have a cuddly nature.

  1. Thinker Pose:

Sleep Poses & Their Meanings 7

The next sleeping pose goes by the name of ‘The Thinkers.’ Yes, it is a pose. It is an amalgam of the fetal pose with a sort of twist. Such sleepers sleep with their chins up, maybe assuming that they are thinking about serious matters in sleep.

These people are extremist. They are either extremely happy or extremely moody. Such people need a proper sleeping guide to remain calm on their cozy mattresses.

Some Sleeping poses with pillows

They include pillows:

  • Under Heads.
  • Under Knees.

One of the poses with a pillow is sleeping with pillow lying under the head. In this most common position, pillow lies straight under the head and people mostly sleep sideways or even straight.

Some sleepers keep the pillow between their knees. This will lift the hips and protect knees from grumbling. For such position, nectar sleeping guide suggests using memory foam for sound sleep and comfort.


All these positions discussed are advantageous only if you have:

  • A suitable size bed.
  • Memory foam.

Therefore, one should choose a firm bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep on. In addition, choose a mattress that is neither too firm nor too springy. The best choice for a great and comfortable sleep today is the memory foam mattress developed by Nectar Sleep because it is one of the first proven, comfy memory foams that gets the job of sleep done in style.