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Should Canada Fear America Becoming the New Mexico?

2006 found more Americans moving permanently to Canada. Immigration has now hit an all-time 30 year high. Why would they go? They say they became the Maple Leaf’s newest northern citizens to maintain lifestyle. Everyday Canadian “Lifestyle” is far superior to what today’s America offers. Moving Americans say they are, “Tired of the war”, that they “Like feeling safe in Canada.”

5 Good Reasons to Move To Canada

  1. Peace with Other Nations
  2. Cultural Diversity
  3. National Health Care
  4. Exercises Kyoto Protocol (protects environments)
  5. Smoker Protection (from excess taxation, criminalization)

And if five isn’t enough how about another?

6 – No Federal deficit, no Washington D.C. borrowing. Among other things citizens don’t have to pay is the 1,000 billion dollars, yes, that’s one billion dollars 1,000 times, a trillion bucks borrowed for the U.S. Government’s latest war. And for people who recommend war, the latest war, any war, moving to Canada means enjoying the thrill of watching some quasi hapless third-world country bombed into a moon-scape without having to pony up the cash during decades to come.

Canadians thrive as a result of universal public health care without criminalizing smokers, without over taxing them, without unwarranted demands for unreasonable tax revenue. Canada enjoys their publicly-funded system of care for its citizens. It guarantees everyone with coverage 7/24, 365 for necessary medical services, treated in a timely fashion no matter where they live inside the country.

Canada has no troops in Iraq. The country is consequently a Terror-Free zone. Our northern neighbors treasure their reputation as a peacekeeper and provider of humanitarian aid around the world. A strong supporter of multilateralism, Canada elected not to send troops to the Middle East, following the United Nations Security Council’s resolution to not intervene with military force. Canada is the only G7 country to run seven consecutive surplus budgets. It has not run a federal deficit since 1996-97.

Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol. It ratified Kyoto Protocol and committed itself to annually reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 240 million metric tons – on if not before – year 2010. The north has also undertaken the largest conservation agreement in the world by promising to protect approximately 600 million hectares of northern boreal forest which account for more than half of the country’s land base. In 2002 British Columbia’s western province exceeded the UN biodiversity target by putting 13% of its land into protected parks.

More than 50% of northern provinces allow same-sex marriage. World leader in gay rights, it recognizes the rights of everyone to make their own personal choices. The Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. All common-law couples enjoy both benefits and obligations under Canadian law. All human being marriages are now legal in six provinces (Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan) and one territory (the Yukon). All responsible couples are allowed to adopt children in four provinces (Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia).

The big C’s Senate recommends legalizing marijuana as a result of need by terminally ill cancer victims. They were the first country ever to do so. No longer exclusive of the terminally ill, a Senate Committee report released in 2002 recommended legalization of marijuana; the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police both support decriminalization of marijuana. Now the federal government has committed to introducing a bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Canada has no law allowing nor restricting abortion, which is considered a medical procedure, subject to medical regulations.

Canada prides itself as a country with relatively little violence that is committed to maintaining public safety. So is it any surprise in the last year we have American citizen exit records that show, in 2006, people are fleeing to Canada in greater numbers then they have in over three decades?

Claudia Strasbaugh was a freelance writer who founded Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa Writer’s Guild, was head writer for the weekly TV show “Kill ‘EM With Comedy,” plus California Bureau Chief for National Lotto World Magazine. Claudia also ran a nonprofit called Dinner On A Dollar. Sadly, Claudia passed away in 2015, but we are pleased to display her writing works.

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