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Sara Paul Voted Miss Earth Day California


Earth Day is over, but some of its leaders have still just nominated California environmentalist and Community Supported Agriculture Owner Sara Paul as the movement’s new ambassador for the U.S. Sara Paul, while flattered, is humble about the new title. “I really just want to help people be healthier and happier, and help save the planet,” she states. “If that gets recognized, I won’t complain.”

Sara Paul’s CSA California is one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets among the wealthy who are used to seeking out a better way of life, and also environmentalists and those concerned with healthy, organic living. CSA California, which delivers handpicked organic fruits and vegetables straight to consumers door, is actually however, surprisingly affordable.

A small investment of only twenty five dollars to the nonprofit helps plant trees, and educate and feed kids whose schools take advantage of the program, giving them healthy alternatives to school cafeteria food that is often lacking in nutrition. Not only all that, but that twenty five bucks will get supporters a huge bag or box of fresh organic produce, including staple crops perfect for any diet, as well as exotic foods grown only on the most upscale farms, and often not even found in your local grocery store. The supply in one box or bag is enough to food even the heaviest eaters for weeks and, all at least half the cost as one would normally pay at the local market.

Due to Sara Paul’s constant donations to the community, civic outreach, environmental public awareness campaigns, and her nonstop expansion of Community Supported Agriculture, where she brings the farms straight to the consumer, leaders of Earth Day have voted her the new ambassador of the nations’ most important day of environmental cause and healing. As one Earth Day volunteer states, “Sara Paul is making the world a better place – one bite at a time. She is the perfect person to represent Earth Day.”

Sara Paul is founder of CSA California. Contact Sara at www.CSACalifornia.org

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