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Need to Avoid Lectin in your Diet? Here’s How

legumes contain lectins.

Lectins are a type of protein that binds to cell membranes which mean that they are not digested by the human body. New research suggests that lectins in our diet are causing obesity and various other illnesses. The best way to ensure we don’t encounter any of these problems is to put ourselves on a diet which cuts out lectins altogether, thus avoiding the problem.

Where Do We Find Lectins?

Now while most of us look for sugar and fat content in food, we certainly aren’t looking for Lectins as well. Lectins are found in grains and legumes and they are not digested by the body, but rather they bind to other cells such as sugar and it is there that the problem begins. While in plant life, lectins are a defense against pests and microorganisms, they are totally undigested by the human digestive system.

Why Should We Avoid Them?

In the ever-developing medical field, a lot of research is being done about the effect of Lectins on the human body. Lectins can cause many digestive problems such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting as well as scratches that damage the lining of the intestines, resulting in a “Leaky Gut.” If we avoid these lectin dense foods altogether, we will end up with better gut health as well as feeling lighter and a lot less sluggish.

What if I Cannot Avoid Lectins?

There are ways that you can eat lectins that don’t have such a bad effect on the human digestive system. Think about soaking your legumes. Soak your oats overnight before cooking them for breakfast and reap the benefits. Another way of making lectins easier to digest is to ferment them. Fermentation allows beneficial bacteria to digest and may even convert many of the harmful substances.

Regarding Lectin avoidance diets, we should really consider and weigh up all the options. Many new studies suggest that it is of the utmost importance to avoid lectins altogether in order to save our bodies from unnecessary damage. In this diet, you need to cut out legumes, grainy vegetables and most forms of dairy in order to get the real effect of the diet on your digestive system.

The best foods to consume when trying to avoid lectin are seafood and meat. You can eat as much of these foods as you like as they are proven lectin free. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and citrus fruits such as oranges and pineapples are also extremely beneficial. If you do need to cheat for any reason, your food should be cooked in a pressure cooker to make the lectins more easily digestible by the human digestive system.

Final Words

If we consider our overall health, it is well worth looking into the lectin avoidance diet. Like all diets, it will be difficult at first, but perseverance will reap amazing rewards for your body and your health. Stick to this diet and it will very soon become a way of life.

Roberta Morton is a health writer who investigates thorny issues that are sometimes controversial. She likes to break down big issues and explain them so they are easier to understand.

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