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Meditation Proves Its Value For Health And Wealth


Do you participate in a meditation practice? Once the exclusive domain of Buddhist monks and self-righteous yoga practitioners, meditation is catching on among a wider base, including both those managing complex health conditions and business executives. Anyone can learn to meditate if they’re willing to commit time to the practice. And if you put in the time, you’ll reap the benefits.

Meditating For Health

If you’ve received bad medical news recently, you may be feeling scared and upset. That’s an understandable response to a life-altering or life-threatening diagnosis. Whatever other courses of action you’re taking in the face of this news, however, consider adding meditation to your wellness plan.

Studies performed to measure the impact of meditation indicate that participating in a regular practice reduces stress and stress-related hypertension. It can also improve your mood and help your body reestablish biochemical balance, as chronic stress can cause your body’s hormones to become unbalanced.

Meditation Vacation

Business professionals have actively sought out meditation education in recent years, viewing the practice as part of a success-oriented path. How does this work?

Most people in the business world practice meditation with the aim of finding a place of restful alertness. In high-stress professional settings, this kind of peaceful mindspace is virtually unheard of, and those who can find it will have an edge – they’re more likely to have decreased stress levels and to think creatively than their mentally overtaxed counterparts.

Of course, while anyone can meditate, meditation is a learned behavior and it takes training. The Art Of Living Retreat Center, for example, offers meditation retreats that combine a peaceful nature setting with trained instructors who can help you get in tune with your body and the world around you. Additionally, urban meditation centers like the Shambhala Center allow people to drop in for a public sitting or come for a weekend intensive.

Some companies have even taken meditation training into their own hands, supporting their employees in learning the technique. Bridgewater Associate’s founder Ray Dalio began introducing Transcendental Meditation® to employees almost a decade ago. Since then, over 500 employees have trained in the technique – with half the cost reimbursed by Bridgewater. Dalio is also one of the top supporters of the David Lynch Foundation, a nonprofit that teaches meditation to urban students, veterans, and domestic violence survivors.

A Break From The Ordinary

No matter why you’ve decided to approach the practice of meditation, you’ll quickly discover it has many benefits. In fact, when compared with more stereotypically relaxing things such as going on vacation, meditation actually yields greater stress relief. People who participate in a regular meditation practice are more likely to report greater health and a higher quality of life than those who spend time taking part in outdoor leisure activities.

Meditation is an individual experience, yet one that will connect you with the world around you and helps you develop greater spiritual connections with other people. Stick with it – keep sitting and gently guiding your thoughts away from distractions. In time, you will reap the rewards – greater health, a clearer mind, and a sense of incomparable well-being you can’t get anywhere else.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.

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