Luxury Toilet Hire Facilities Support Upmarket or Eco-Friendly Events

Organizing an outdoor event in the summer comes with its own challenges. Everything from weddings to art and music festivals requires enormous planning and efforts. Event planners focus on several things and one of the most important among them is toilet hire.

There is a wide range of toilet hire facilities on the market, from basic recirculating toilets all the way up to luxury toilet trailers. Basic toilet hire facilities are affordable, but they do not compare to some of the luxury toilets hire facilities available.

The luxury end of the market is amazing. Here are some of the best toilets hire facilities available on the market for summer events.

Luxury Toilet Trailers

Luxury toilet trailers are the staple of luxury toilet hire, providing a wealth of facilities on top of a comfortable and clean toilet. They are available in a range of sizes and can be used with or without connection to mains power. Here is a quick rundown of facilities available on each sized luxury toilet trailer:

2+1 Toilet Trailer

The 2+1 luxury toilet trailer comes equipped with two female toilets, one male toilet and two urinals. It also includes a wash basin area and hand dryer facilities. The 2+1 trailer is the baby version of the luxury range, being able to accommodate up to 200 guests at an event. It is a quick and portable option that can run mechanically, without the need to connect to mains power.

3+1 Toilet Trailer

The 3+1 luxury toilet trailer is the medium sized option that can accommodate up to 300 event guests. It comes equipped with three female toilets, two male toilets, two urinals, wash basin area and mirrors. If connected to power, the unit can run an extractor fan and can be heated. It can also mechanically function without mains power, making it a highly versatile unit.

4+2 Toilet Trailer

The 4+2 luxury toilet trailer is one of the largest luxury toilet units on the market, accommodating up to 400 guests. It comes equipped with four female toilets, two male toilets, three urinals, full length mirrors and hand wash areas. This highly adaptable unit is available with recirculating toilets or mains connection flush systems. It can also provide heating and an extractor fan when connected to mains power.

Features of Luxury Toilet Trailers

All three types of luxury toilet trailers are perfect for premium summer events. On top of the individually mentioned attributes, they all have these additional features:

  • Galvanised Chassis / Tank with base sloped to centre sump
  • Service Area – Gives easy access to cisterns, plumbing and electrics
  • Low wattage water heater
  • Full LED road lighting
  • LED marker lights on steps
  • Quick fit pump system
  • Air source heat pump technology
  • Strip curtains are available for privacy and temperature control
  • Internal LED lights

Grey Water Flush Systems

For events looking to be more eco-friendly, all three styles of luxury toilet trailers are available with grey flush water systems. They are seen as a simpler alternative to vacuum that eradicates the need for chemical flushing. The system works by recycling the hand wash water to flush the toilets, making efficient use of water and waste tank capacity.

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