Karaoke Guide in Kopeng, Infected with HIV

INDONESIA, Central Java – Semarang District Government discovered a patient with HIV/AIDS in Kopeng, Getasan District, the city of Salatiga after a testing initiative by Provider Consult (PITC). 53 people were tested at the end of March 2010. One person was HIV positive.

The Head of the Department of Welfare in Semarang, Henry Aminoto, says as many as 30 commercial sex workers and 23 guides underwent testing in the mobile unit from Ambarawa District General Hospital.

“[Karaoke Guide in Kopeng, Infected with HIV.] The patient is still under the supervision of the AIDS Commission (KPA) to get protection, guidance, counseling, and ARV treatment,” he said, on Thursday.

Henry Aminoto, who is also Secretary of the National AIDS Commission (KPA) in Semarang District, said today there were 176 cases of HIV or AIDS. As many as 39 people are already at the stage of AIDS, while the rest have HIV.

“In 2009, there were two people with AIDS who died,” he explained to journalists.

According to Aminoto, the two major causes of the disease in this area, are free sex and injecting drug users who share needles. District Government has prepared a draft Regional Regulation (Raperda) as part of efforts to reduce HIV / AIDS in this district. The Regional Regulation Plan is being evaluated by the Governor.

The Regional Regulation (Perda) requires brothel customers to use condoms when having sex. Violation of this regulation may be subject to prison and fines up to Rp 50 million.