How to Make a Wig Look Natural

Hair loss is a common problem. It is an issue that touches women and men. Statistics show that over 75% of women have considerable hair loss by the age of 60 and over 40% men have considerable hair loss by the age of 40.

This is an alarming issue which has been addressed by the hair-care industry, including platforms like Dini wigs. Wigs are one of the alternatives adopted by the victims of hair loss when they are in the recovery process. Some people use a wig as a permanent solution to conceal their hair loss.

One real issue with wigs is their artificialness. It is generally very easy to figure out whether someone is wearing a wig or there is natural hair on their head. Here are some possible solutions.

How to Make a Wig Look Natural

  • Purchase from a hair store

The wig industry is extensive now. A wide variety of wigs is available at different places. Two common places to purchase a wig from are hair-care stores and costume stores. Hair-care stores are preferred because they are generally better quality and offer a more natural look.

  • Cut or trim it

Wigs often do not have a great cut. There is a need for a further trim to give it a more realistic look. Be careful trimming the wig or take it to a professional stylist to get a better cut.

  • Dye it

Create a more natural look by having a colourist look. Treat the wig with dyes to enhance its realism.

  • Pluck the center part

Off-the-shelf wigs have strangely-accurate hairlines and center parts. To make a wig look more natural, try using tweezers to remove random threads.

  • Don’t use any brush

There is one similarity between natural hair and a wig. Both are easily tangled. This requires not using a brush often on wigs since that can destroy the natural look. A wide-tooth wet brush is preferable to gently detangle a wig.

  • Style it with steam

Using hot tools on synthetic wigs is not recommended. Hot tools can completely ruin the fibres. It is preferable to use a handheld steamer and a brush.

  • Add oomph to the product

When it comes to volume, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs both need a boost. When beginning with wet human hair, use a soft thickening spray.


Another concern of the artificial look associated with wigs can be resolved with the methods listed above. Wig enthusiasts should keep these tips in mind to create a more natural look.

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