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How to Lose Weight and Inches Fast With Suddenly Slimmer


I had the pleasure to meet Lisa Pezzella earlier this year. An intelligent, strong, determined, confident, and enlightened woman, Lisa Pezzella practices what she preaches. She is the successful owner of two booming businesses called Suddenly Slimmer- the franchise made famous by stars including Tyra Banks and Ellen DeGeneres who have both verified the all natural treatments work, and- she also carries various other all natural treatments to improve one’s health and vitality.

A thin, vibrant, attractive woman in her own right- Lisa Pezzella caters not only to the rich and famous in Hollywood who want to get thin or lose inches, but she also proudly helps the aspiring actor, actress, model, or simply the person at the office or from any walk of life looking to improve their appearance and their health. Changing lives for the better, and improving the overall aesthetic beauty of each client then comes to work with her, Lisa Pezzella is an artist in her own right. She believes in what she does, and for a reason- it works. And, she is happy to make others lives improve which is a reward in and of itself. I am happy to introduce to you here a very kind, warm, and talented woman who will help you confidentially to become the best you that you can be- fast, all natural, and safe.

An Exclusive Interview with the Owner of Suddenly Slimmer

Hollywood Sentinel: Who are you?

My name is Lisa Pezzella. I am manager of Suddenly Slimmer; The Body Wrap.

Hollywood Sentinel: What do you do?

Lisa Pezzella: I Manage a Body Wrap Salon where we do Body Wraps, and other body treatments, and help people with their weight, health, and nutrition.

Hollywood Sentinel: When did you start doing this?

Lisa: Thirteen years ago. For the nutrition side, around twenty one years ago.

Hollywood Sentinel: How did you learn how do this?

Lisa Pezzella: I was trained in Florida by a professional salon.

Hollywood Sentinel: How does it work?

Lisa: The Minerals go in the body and toxins come out when the client moves around with light, no impact exercise. We wrap them tight, and move fat cells back together and shrink the body. Its result is a slimmer, better shaped, detoxified body that has just lost at least eight inches. The Wraps also tighten skin.

The Fat Reduction treatment-French Sudatonic is a relaxing treatment done laying down that burns about as much body fat and calories as if you were to work out for one to three months straight!

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool, why does it work?

Lisa: The creams in the Sudatonic create a second skin so to speak which, when the body heats up, tries to push through the barrier and in turn burns all those calories and body fat. It also helps with cellulite.

Hollywood Sentinel: Who could benefit from this?

Lisa: Anyone. We all have toxins that we need to get rid of. The Sudatonic is also good for soothing pain, as the blanket is infrared.

Hollywood Sentinel: What is your advice to models and actors that want to lose weight?

Lisa: Get rid of toxins. We have an amazing detox foot bath, so come see us! We also consult clients on weight, cellulite and nutrition, and we do this while the client feels great, not by starving or eating unhealthy!

Hollywood Sentinel: Good. Now, about another subject; ads for this surgery called the lap band keep popping up on my Google page which is really annoying. Over five people have reportedly died from that treatment at one outfit in Los Angeles alone. That speaks for itself. What you do is obviously all natural and very safe. What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

Lisa: It is dangerous, expensive and not necessary.

Hollywood Sentinel: What is your life motto?

Lisa: To help as many people and animals as possible while I’m still breathing!

Hollywood Sentinel: Great. Please explain more about this. How do you want to do this?

Lisa: By finding out what people’s problems are as to why they are overweight, or what they want to change about their body. Also, by getting them to live a healthy life style and to know what healthy means. It’s not counting calories, fat grams or taking any type of medication, the body can heal itself.

Hollywood Sentinel: What do you do for animals to help them?

Lisa: I put them on a healthy diet with supplementation, similar to people and get them healthy too! Traditional food in the regular store is very bad for them- all the canned and dry food. Also, vaccinations are not good either. If their immune system is strong, they don’t need it.

Hollywood Sentinel: How do you want to be remembered when you are no longer here on this planet?

Lisa: The one that achieved the above statement; ‘To help as many people and animals as possible while I’m still breathing!’

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. Please tell us how new clients can contact you.

Lisa: They can visit our site at:


Locations in both Los Angeles, LaJolla, and San Diego County.

Telephone: 858-551-5196

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