How Haircare Products Industry Play a Vital Role

Hair is one of the first things men notice when meeting women for the first time. In fact, a survey suggested that 68% of men consider hair to be the first thing they notice. Beautiful and shiny hair leaves a good impression which is why hair care is vitally important.

This requires people to take good care of their hair, especially women. A healthy diet provides nutrients for hair, as does drinking enough water, to keep hair safe from external damage. Most importantly, use the right hair care products.

With the ever-increasing trend in the notion of ‘healthy hair’, the hair care industry has expanded. In fact, in 2018 the global haircare market is estimated to be worth about $87.73 billion US dollars. According to research, women spend on average about $133,575 on haircare products in their lifetime. This is huge! Another interesting fact is that the average person will have around 480 haircuts during their lifetime.

These statistics show that individuals are concerned about their hair. From hair regrowth shampoos to softening conditioners, the hair care industry has come up with thousands of products to serve the customers in different ways. Hair care has now become a very important industry, contributing substantially to the economy. In 2013, the personal care products industry contributed $140.1 billion to the economy, and hair care products played a substantial role.

Every day millions of families around the world trust and rely on haircare products to improve hair health and enhance their visual appearance. There has been massive spending on marketing these products. High-profile individuals are used as marketing mediums to attract more customers. Governments are beneficiaries of the booming haircare industry as more consumers rely on it..

There is a misconception that hair care is a relatively new concept. In fact, this is not true, and the process of hair care and removal is traced back to Ancient Egyptians. This shows that even in ancient times, women were concerned about their hair quality and would spend time and money on it. The big change now is in the pace of development. We, as a whole, are now more concerned about our appearance and hair plays an important role. High consumer demand has led to the industry developing better products and now we are on a stage where consumers are dependent on such production.

Hair quality is primarily dependent on the products used. Thousands of brands offer a wide variety of haircare products.

The importance of the haircare industry to the global economy is considerable, and consumers need more and new products in the market to experiment with their hair’s appearance. Fashion enthusiasts constantly come up with new ideas and hair stylists are continuously introducing new hairstyles, creating a wave of enthusiasm in consumers for new haircare products.