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Does the Red Tea Detox really work? Should you use it?

The Red Tea Detox is one of many cleansing programs jostling for attention across internet channels, and the fact that it suggests a fairly passive -therefore easy- way to rid your body of nasty toxins it is likely to be something many people like the idea of, and easily spend cash on. The burning question is does it really work? While the second question is – is it something you should even think about using? Read more about this topic: is red tea detox is a scam.

What does the Red Tea Detox claim it can do for you?

Well the manufacturers are certainly not shy about promoting the benefits of this product – with claims that the average person using this detox tea can drop a pound of body fat every 72 hours by both reducing appetite and cravings for unhealthy food and melting the fat away somehow!

What’s the story behind Red Tea?

According to official media channels a woman called Liz Swann Miller happened across a snake while walking through the African bush. Having been bitten she lost consciousness, waking up surrounded by members of a local community, where a shaman gave her the red tea to drink. Liz was astonished to find that after a few days of drinking this tea her stubborn post-pregnancy weight was falling away rapidly, and she figured out a connection. The red tea had to be speeding up her metabolism and cleansing her body of toxins, and she triumphantly returned to the west with this magic elixir.

Many believe this story to be fake, hyped up with photoshopped images to create a mystique around what is a lab developed product. Either way, what really matters is whether or not it actually does help with detox and is safe to use.

Is it safe?

Yes it is actually made up of five ingredients you can buy for yourself at any health food store, and it’s fine for vegans and vegetarians too.

Does it work?

It may do to an extent. For example, if you are stressed out all the time then drinking this kind of tea could be soothing, but it won’t address the causes of the stress or change things long term. It is unlikely to produce a 14 pound weight loss in 2 weeks, as promised, even if you consumed nothing but the tea -which would be both miserable and dangerous for your well being. The tea is said to reduce appetite, but many users found this wasn’t the case for them.

The ingredients are easily available, yet nobody else has ever identified any magical chemistry that mixing them together makes. There’s no medical research into any of the claims made, and very little real scientific evidence offered either.

Overall it seems unlikely that the Red Tea Detox delivers results anywhere close to what it claims is possible, so if you do decide to try it be don’t expect the drastic results promised.

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