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Dermatologist Reveals New Skin Care Tips For Men

A man washing his face.

A Must-Read For Men!

Most men would generally agree they have simpler routines in their skin care than women do. But this notion may not be true anymore as many men are now pursuing healthier and younger-looking skin.

This new assertion is confirmed by dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology.

Anthony Rossi, MD, FAAD, assistant professor of dermatology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York said, “Men’s skin care isn’t as taboo anymore as more men embrace ways to take care of their skin at home.”

Helpful Tips from the Experts

Along with this new finding, Dr. Rossi revealed skin care tips to help men develop healthy skin care routines.

Dr. Rossi recommends the following tips:

  1. Consider product labels and ingredients: The skin care products you choose will depend on your skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, look for cleansers and moisturizers that say “oil free” or “noncomedogenic.” If you have sensitive skin, use mild, “fragrance-free” products.
  2. Wash your face daily and after exercise: Dermatologists recommend mild facial cleanser than bar soap for washing your face. It is advisable to use lukewarm – not hot – water.
  3. Watch your shaving technique: Dr. Rossi recommends that before you shave, wet your skin and hair to soften it. Use a moisturizing shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse after each swipe of the razor, and change your blade after five to seven shaves to reduce irritation.
  4. Moisturize daily: Moisturizer is helpful in making your skin look brighter and younger. For the best results, apply moisturizer to your face and body immediately after bathing, showering or shaving while the skin is still damp.
  5. Check your skin regularly: New spots or moles that itch, bleed or change color are often early warning signs of skin cancer. If you notice any suspicious spots, make an appointment to see a dermatologist.
  6. Wear sunscreen whenever outdoors: Sunscreen prevents sun damage that can lead to wrinkles, age spots and even skin cancer. Dermatologists advise men that before going outdoors, apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin, including your scalp, ears, neck and lips.

Ooops Men Should Know These!

Dr. Rossi highlighted the need for men to know their skin type before deciding a skin care routines.

The skin types are the following:

  • Sensitive skin may sting or burn after product use
  • Normal skin is clear and not sensitive
  • Dry skin is flaky, itchy or rough
  • Oily skin is shiny and greasy
  • Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others

These tips are demonstrated in Skin Care Tips for Men,” a video posted to the AAD website and YouTube channel.

A man washing his face

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