COVID Shots Causing Immune System Damage

An Illinois doctor ran three sets of blood tests on a recently vaccinated patient to see if the COVID shots affected the level of immunity, and saw serious damage done to immune system of the vaccinated patient.

immune cells after COVID shots
Image by Shafin Al Asad Protic from Pixabay

In a video posted to BitChute in October, Dr. Nathan Thompson of Yorkville, IL, shared the results of the lab tests he asked his patient to take for checking the patient’s immune system after the first and second COVID shots. Dr. Thompson told that the patent had to take the shots in order to keep his job, and the results of the tests were being shared publicly with the patient’s permission.

As Dr. Thompson tells in the video, the patient’s immune system was tested 3 times – once before he took any COVID shots, secondly after his first COVID shot, and finally after his second COVID shot. Comparing the levels of various immune cells before and after the shots provided a measure of the damage the COVID vaccination caused to the patient’s immune system.

Immune System Damage after COVID Shots

Dr. Thompson noticed that after the first COVID shot, the CD8 cells of the patient’s immune system jumped up to 40.5, way over the normal upper range of 35.5. The CD8 cells – also called suppressor T cells or Killer T cells – are designed to attack and kill virus-infected cells. This jump in Killer T cells thus indicated that vaccination was infecting the normal cells with the dangerous spike protein synthesized by the viral RNA, thus the immune system was releasing the Killer T cells to attack these now-diseased cells in the body.

The results of the patient’s final immunity test, which was done after he took the second COVID shot, showed significant changes in levels of various immune cells. The patient’s Granulocytes jumped up to 79.6 against the normal upper limit of 75. The doctor explains that the Granulocytes are tasked with cleaning up tissue damage along with combating viral and bacterial infection.

“What on earth is getting damaged inside the body?” asked Dr. Thompson in the video when talking about the abnormally elevated Granulocytes levels after the second COVID shot.

The doctor then showed the lymphocytes count of the patient after the second shot and noted how low they went – to 13.8 against the lowest normal range of 15 while the upper normal range is 49. Among the types of lymphocytes, there was a sharp decline in the count of Natural Killer (NK) Cells, i.e. the cells that make up natural/innate immune system. Low NK Cells count means serious immune system damage as these cells are the first responders in case of an infection; they combat the viral and bacterial attacks and get rid of cancer cells.


Given the patient’s medical history and lifestyle record, Dr. Thompson concluded that the COVID shots were responsible for the damage to his immune system in the one month that the patient got vaccinated while his diet and other health practices remained unchanged. The COVID shots seemingly worked as a toxin that affected his immune system.

Looking at the results, Dr. Thompson said he could tell that the patient had developed autoimmunity, i.e. the condition when one’s immune system attacks the body’s own normal cells while responding to an emergency call for action against pathogens. The serious health concern the doctor noted in such a case is the low level of the lymphocytes that are vital to counter viral infections. For future viral infections, such patients are easy prey as their immune system damage makes them more vulnerable to serious illness.

Dr. Thompson called on all doctors to start acting like real doctors and start testing the immune system of their patients after their COVID shots to see what the shots are doing to the person’s natural immunity against infections.

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