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Bad Bosses: Dark and Dysfunctional Bosses Can Cause Employee Stress

A baby depicted as the boss.
A baby depicted as the boss.

Warning: Tyes of Bad Bosses

Bad bosses do exist and come in two forms: dark and dysfunctional. This key finding is based from a study spearheaded by researchers from from Binghamton University, State University of New York.

According to Seth Spain, Binghamton University Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, aside from the fact that bad bosses generally come in two forms, both can cause a great deal of stress to employees.

The study was made possible with the goal of the researchers to better understand the behaviors of bad bosses and to cut workplace stress.

These key findings are cited In a new chapter from Research in Occupational Stress and Well-Being titled, “Stress, Well-Being, And the Dark Side of Leadership.” The chapter discussed on taxonomy for identifying bad bosses and their distinct behaviors.

A baby depicted as the boss.

Dark Boss vs Dysfunctional

Spain explained the distinctive behaviors of dysfunctional bosses and the dark ones.

Dysfunctional bosses have no intentions to hurt anybody but they are not very good with their job. Aside from that, they lack the skill and some have personality defects. That’s why they are labeled as “dysfunctional.”

Dark bosses refer to leaders whom anyone should be careful to be dealt with. They have destructive behaviors. Worst also, they can be ruthless for they are in the look out to elevate themselves.

[These are] people who enjoy the pain and suffering of others-they’re going to be mean, abusive and harassing in daily life,” said Spain.

These bosses are looked at through the three characteristics called the “Dark Triad,” which includes Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy.

Dark Bosses Cause A Great of Stress To Employees

Spain highlighted that bad bosses, whether they’re dysfunctional or dark, can cause a great deal of stress to employees.

Spain said, “A person’s direct supervisor is a lens through which they view their work experience. We think, in particular, that a boss can be an incredibly substantial source of stress for people who work for them.”

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