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Anatomy A New Focus of Yoga Study

Medical illustrations shed light on moves

Yoga followers will see their favorite asanas and vinyasas with new clarity in the upcoming Yoga Anatomy, (Human Kinetics, July 2007). Teaming with an award-winning medical illustrator, author Leslie Kaminoff provides a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying yoga and each movement.

“For yoga practitioners, anatomical awareness is a powerful tool for keeping our bodies safe and our minds grounded in reality,” explains Kaminoff, an internationally recognized yoga and breath anatomy specialist. “My intention is to present what I consider to be the key details of anatomy that are of the most use to people involved in yoga.”

In Yoga Anatomy, Kaminoff and medical illustrator Sharon Ellis demonstrate how each muscle is used-from breathing to standing poses to sun salutations-and how slight alterations of a pose or sequence can enhance or reduce effectiveness. Additionally, Kaminoff includes vinyasas to boost energy, reduce stress, improve mental focus and enhance balance.

Kaminoff, who co-founded New York City’s Breathing Project, emphasizes how the breath and spine create support or release in the various practices and how the muscles coordinate in stretching, mobilizing and stabilizing actions. “By viewing all the other body structures in light of their relationship to the breath and spine, yoga becomes the integrating principle for the study of anatomy,” explains Kaminoff.

The asanas and vinyasas in Yoga Anatomy are arranged into six sections using the base of support of each pose as a guide: standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, supine, and arm supports. For more information on Yoga Anatomy, visit www.HumanKinetics.com or call (800) 747-4457.

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