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AIDS Inc: Gary Null Doc On HIV’s Dirty Little Secret

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Self-described health care dissident and filmmaker Gary Null’s AIDS Inc. is an investigative documentary touching not only on that dreaded epidemic, but also taking the pulse of what’s on the collective mind of people today when it comes to the dismal state of the medical care system and how it’s stressing them out mightily. Whether it’s life-saving operations they can’t afford even with insurance, or exorbitant toxic medications that are killing them in one way or another.

I contacted Gary Null by phone for some candid conversation, after taking a look at Aids, Inc., a provocative documentary presenting damning evidence against the medical and drug corporations in their approach to HIV-AIDS treatment. Null charges and sets out to prove that the losing battle against AIDS is engineered by a medical establishment that seeks to perpetuate its profiteering to the tune of two trillion dollars a year overall, by treating symptoms with price-gouging medications and procedures, rather than curing disease.

Gary Null

A nutritionist, health practitioner, lecturer and human rights activist who instead advocates lifestyle changes, combatting poverty worldwide and a clean environment, Null has written fifty books and produced numerous films on these subjects, and is an investigative journalist and radio broadcaster as well. AIDS, Inc. recently won Best Documentary and Best Of The Fest at the Hoboken International Film Festival. You may not agree with the unconventional points Null makes. But he’s definitely on solid ground when it comes to the challenges he mounts against currently accepted medical practices in general, and his criticism of the lack of any scientific debate in the medical community.

Why was it important for you to make this film that stirs up plenty of controversy about current HIV-AIDS treatments?

GARY NULL: I’ve produced five films on AIDS, and I’ve written a major 700 page book, called AIDS: A Second Opinion. I have also written about fourteen articles and done over five hundred radio broadcasts since around 1982, prior to the disease officially being recognized as ‘HIV equals AIDS.’

And I’d say that for a good five years, there were no major dissident voices on this issue. Which meant that whatever was being told to the world about it, was accepted uncritically. And then everyone lined up, virtually in unison, to get research grants to find the appropriate drugs or vaccines that would either help prevent or treat the condition.

And when I began to look at all this I thought, my goodness. There’s so much missing here. And one new scientist every two years would pop up and say gee, when we actually look at the literature, it doesn’t make sense, from a scientific point of view.

But we had no power, we had no influence. In fact to the contrary, we were just really criticized. I mean, nonstop. So it took almost twenty years now, before enough scientists began to actually do their homework. You know, go in and look at the studies, look at the evidence.

And the evidence, in their opinions, did not support that HIV by itself, can cause thirty different major conditions, and leads to a terminal condition sooner or later. But there was no debate, no major media, no bringing any of these people before Congressional hearings. And there was no open scientific forum.

And one then prominent researcher said to me, are you aware of the blackout on this? Well, a group of us scientists got together informally, and we have together published about two thousand articles. That’s a lot of articles. And we’ve all had distinguished careers.

And we could not get a single major scientific publication to even offer to publish an article, let alone a letter to the editor, challenging anything about HIV equals AIDS. He said, this is one of the most singularly insidious and pernicious stories that we’ve ever seen. In my entire career of over fifty years, he said, I’ve never witnessed this before.

That is, the virtual exclusion from discussions and science, of people that would challenge any of the foundational basis of HIV equals AIDS. And of the 2500 scientists out there who would speak out, not one can get an article published in any major publication. And they’ve been excluded from every journal. These are some of the greatest scientific minds on the planet. Molecular biologists, public health scientists. And they can’t get published, every single one.

So we decided to do some research about this. And at that point, every single one of these scientists told me the same thing. Nobody will publish my work, when it comes to HIV being challenged as the cause of AIDS. And I asked them, but have you had trouble getting anything else published? Oh no, I get everything else I want published. Then you start looking at their bios, and they’re published everywhere. But not about AIDS.

So that’s when I said, we need a new film, to galvanize this message. That the public has been spoonfed and propagandized one side of the story. And part of the reason, is because so many people make so much money off AIDS, 240 billion dollars has been made off AIDS. And nobody is going to give that back, and nobody wants it to stop. Whole lives have been spent with worthless research on this topic. And after 240 billion dollars, after all the articles, hundreds of thousands of articles written, and after all the promises, and all the public health awareness campaigns, they’ve made zero difference.

In fact if anything, the number one cause of death – and this is what my film brought out, because nobody knew this before the film – the number one cause of death in people with AIDS today, is liver failure. And liver failure is not one of the thirty indicator conditons of AIDS.

So what in your judgment, is mostly killing people with AIDS?

?GN: It’s due to the toxicity of the drugs. So when the treatment is killing more people than the virus and nobody wants to stop it, because there’s too much profit to be made in the treatment, then in effect you could say that our war on AIDS is a medical Vietnam. Or no different in the consequences than our war in Iraq.

How exactly are these profits being made, that have led to this running of interference on the truth?

GN: Simple. Look at AZT. If people got sick or died, they were excluded from the statistics of the study. You can’t do that on a study. If someone dies during a study, they have to be listed as a negative. And they weren’t. Letters about this were written to the FDA compliance officers by a top scientist, and they just stonewalled it. It was so fraudulent, from top to bottom. But they fast tracked it, they ended the study short.

I interviewed the man who invented AZT. And he is very clear and unequivocal on this. That this drug was too toxic to be given to cancer patients. The ‘T’ stands for DNA termination. It’s a DNA disruptor. Can you imagine giving that to people. And I debated five scientists at the NYU Medical School about the dangers of AZT. And they were like, no, no, no. And they had all these posters at their lecture, put time on your side and take AZT.

And then they spread the money. My god, did they spread the money. Hundreds of millions of dollars were given to AIDS groups over the years. And gay magazines. If you said yes, use condoms and take your drugs, you got money. If you said yes, use condoms but don’t take the drugs, rebuild your immune system. You got nothing.

There is a challenging scientific school of thought that says AIDS is caused by herpes 6, not HIV. And lifestyle. And by taking those drugs, you’re actually destroying the immune system. And they came down on those scientists, like a ton of bricks.

How do you think they get the media to just fall into lockstep with them?

GN: It was the same story with the publishers of gay magazines all over the country that I interviewed, and I put that in my film. If you said yes, HIV by itself causes all these thirty conditions, and the best way of dealing with it is take the drugs, you got all the money you wanted. And drug ads galore!

And then all these AIDS foundations – more than 60,000 AID foundations. But if you challenged any part of this at any level, you not only were excluded, but you were attacked. Vilified. Marginalized. And all those publications in time, went out of business. Every single one. Every single gay publication that challenged the HIV theory ran into a buzz saw.

And yet the ones that said AZT or all these other drugs were the ticket, they got it all. And then the money was spread to the activist groups. And the groups were lavished with money. But none of that saved a single person.

And then you have the example of the chemotherapy doctors. They get hundreds of thousands of dollars from the chemotherapy drug makers to give these drugs to patients, irrespective of how toxic and dangerous they are. And pharmaceutical companies give three billion dollars in gifts each year to doctors.

And these AIDS conferences, they’re an embarrassment. They look like an expensive flea market for pharmaceuticals. Dozens and dozens of booths. All about drugs. And of course, who do they hire, and pay first class to get there? Gay activists. And it’s all about, get this drug, This is the newest and hottest drug.

At one symposium I attended in Genvea, there’s always a public question and answer period. And they wouldn’t take one question from any AIDS dissident. They wouldn’t answer them. So they have refused open debate, Because they would be found to have misrepresented and manipulated data to the public.

Now for ten years, doctors were giving lethal amounts of AZT to patients. And they were dying like flies. From the AZT. But nobody would look back and say, hey you had it all wrong back then, why should we trust you now. So what we did, we got together and reviewed all the scientific articles on the treatment for AIDS. And they all are an indictment of the toxicity of the drugs. And yet the US media has not looked at any of these.

In terms of taking on this formidable challenge, why did you decide filmmaking was the way to go? And what do you feel is the potential power and positive influence of independent filmmaking on society and on effecting social change?

GN: Okay, I didn’t choose to become a filmmaker. And I didn’t choose to be a writer or a broadcaster, or a lecturer. Those are merely the forms available to me to share my message. So my message is what’s important, not the form that I use.

And as a filmmaker of over twenty award winning documentaries, I realize that there are a group of people in this world, who are not tied in with the strict ideological boundaries that would prevent them from understanding that legitimate challenge is how we grow. And look, if we didn’t have a legitimate challenge, we would still have slavery. Women wouldn’t have the right to vote.

We had to have someone at some point, challenge. And thank goodness that we did. And it took a long time for a lot of people from many millenium. But finally one day, you had the right to the job you have. If we hadn’t challenged, you wouldn’t be where you’re at today.

So I believe that every paradigm that has obvious dangerous weaknesses, should be challenged. And when you do it in film, you can take what the page does not tell you. The page does not speak with the same energy and vitality as an image on film.

And I never edit my characters out of context. In fact, I send the film prior to release, to every single person I filmed. And they have a choice, do they still want to be in it, or not. Because I believe in the integrity of never twisting anything. So I give them a chance. Do you feel you were properly represented in what you said. And I have yet to have a person say no.

So now with this film, I have forty people from around the world that in the normal course of a day a person would never know existed, let alone what their point of view is. And now I’m able to bring forty different people to one forum in two hours, and let them give the most important arguments they can. And then back it up with the documentation.

And in my film, every single statement is backed by a document. Official documents. So as hard as these statements and documents may seem, it’s proof. And yet time and again, when we’ve asked the opposition to sit down and talk – you know you can disagree without being disagreeable. But they refuse to.

And that’s why we have 2400 scientists who are dissidents today. Because they took the time to actually stop believing in propaganda, and look for the evidence themselves. They did look for years, and couldn’t find the proof. Have you ever seen the HIV virus? Everyone they spoke with told them, it’s there. Where? Show me the proof.

What do you think can be done about the culpability of the corporate media in all of this?

GN: Nothing will happen. They will get away with it. I wish that I could say otherwise about the people who have exploited this crisis to their advantage, who have lied about it, who have kept false information going forward, and who have kept people in a panic.

And will anybody be held accountable in America? Nobody has ever been held accountable, as long as you’ve got a corporate title in front of you. Let’s face it. One hundred thousand people have died because of Vyox. And they knew in advance that it was dangerous, and they hid that information.

Have you heard of a single person at Pfizer being held accountable? No. Only in America could you kill a hundred thousand people, and get a raise!

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Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network’s Arts Express.

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