The Photographic Memory Fix: New Podcast Expands Brain Management

Humans are born with an “eidetic” memory, the memory that makes infants into genius information sponges that surprise their parents. Brain Management expert Dr. Shannon Panzo says that amazing ability is often lost as soon as children go to school, but adults and children can learn to regain that lost ability, and he calls that The Photographic Memory “fix.”

Dr. Panzo told NewsBlaze that the eidetic memory processes information from all of the senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and even input from additional sources, referred to as the sixth sense.

Dr. Shannon spent part of the last year working on expanding his reach through podcasting. He knew he wanted to do more than just be the only Brain Management podcaster on the web, he also wanted to be the very best. So he set out to find the best partner and podcasting mentor he could, and that search lead him to Neil Haley.

Collaborating with expert podcaster Neil Haley, Dr. Panzo created The Photographic Memory Podcast. Their aim is to help more people regain their photographic memory, by reaching more people though more avenues.

photographic memory podcast
The Photographic Memory Podcast. Image by NewsBlaze.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Shannon Panzo has been teaching, researching, and developing the scientific principles of brain research. He told NewsBlaze that every day, his students benefit from that effort.

Dr. Panzo collaborated with the “Father of Mental Photography,” Dr. Richard Welch, and together, they revealed many insights into the unlimited capabilities of the brain. Their easy-to-use methods for brain management help their students to achieve results.

Dr. Panzo said, “These Brain Management techniques give entrepreneurs and business builders the edge they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and make them more successful. The techniques super-excite all levels of consciousness simultaneously and provide whole brain balance. This triggers an elevated level of neuroplasticity, building the brain at an extended rate, making the brain stronger and resilient against degradation.”

Two of the things Dr. Panzo likes to do are to help people to strengthen their brain, and to create applications for the brain.

To get the most out of The Photographic Memory Podcast, it was decided that Neil Haley would interview Dr. Shannon in a series of episodes that would develop an educational theme over time, to make it easier for the audience to fit it into their schedule and to understand how it works in easily-digestible parts.

The first five podcast episodes have been published and many more podcasts are scheduled. The purpose of The Photographic Memory Podcast series is to inform the public about the benefits of using the photographic memory.

Episode 1: Photographic Memory Techniques
Photographic memory is an ability to remember exactly what has been seen for all time. Discover what the brain can do as Dr. Shannon Panzo shares insights on how to train the brain to develop photographic memory.

Episode 2: Application of Photographic Memory Techniques in Daily Life
Although Mental Photography is a natural ability some are born with, everyone can learn it. It is a technique that helps in the overall development of brain abilities. It helps relearn concepts to refine certain skill sets & drastically improve the thinking process. It plays a vital role in strengthening neural pathways, which helps in better delivery & performance.

Episode 3: Photographic Memory Working Mechanisms, Tools & Techniques
Photographic memory enables you to recall past data effectively helping you process information more accurately. Once recalled from the past these insights can be applied to solve real-time problems.

Episode 4: The ZOXPro Method
The key benefits of the ZOXPro Method and how it works.

Episode 5: Mental Photography Technique
Mental photography technique can help people absorb information at 100 times the average reading speed, with 100% retention for life. It can open a pathway to the part of your brain that has fantastic abilities and can act as a conduit to universal energy.

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