How to Succeed in Online Classes: 5 Tips for College-Bound Students

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. That’s the mantra of adult life for most of us.

Isn’t it time for something a little different? If your career is getting you down, it might be time to retrain in something better.

But busy lives make studying impossible for most people. That’s where online classes can help. With over 6 million students studying online each year, this digital learning medium is wildly popular.

Don’t be fearful of studying online. Let’s run through how to succeed in online classes together.

1. Find Yourself a Study Space

Your working environment can make or break your productivity when you’re looking to study. If you want to know how to succeed in an online course, think about your study space first.

Take a look around your home or your regular haunts. Where can you get your head down, away from distractions and with an extra focus on quiet?

It might be your own office or a local coffee shop, but if you find your zen space for studying, you’ll get more work done, you’ll study better, and your grades will be better.

2. Schedule Your Time (And Stick to It)

We all have a routine, and it’s important to find the time in your regular schedule to study.

Give up an hour of TV a day, or a few hours of “you” time elsewhere. Work in your lunch breaks or before bed. As long as you commit to a schedule of regular studying, you’ll be an effective learner.

One of the best tips for taking online classes is to keep a log of how often you’re studying. If you’re slacking, you may need to think about your motivation-otherwise, why bother?

3. Understand Your Outcomes

An online course isn’t the end game-it’s merely the initial building blocks to a new career or job, so you’ll need to know how to do well.

Take an engineering online degree, for example. If you were studying at UCR MSOL, would you understand what your options were and what you’d need to do to progress?

Rather than confusion, go for clarity. Don’t sign up to any course without having a clear idea of the course, it’s objectives, and more importantly, what you will get out of it.

4. Use Every Resource Available to You

Studying online means missing out on all the resources a traditional student might have access to, like one-to-one support from a tutor, or library access. Or does it?

Actually, no-online students have a wealth of resources to take advantage of, and you need to make the most of them. Look at e-books and your online course materials, and get regular feedback from your professors.

Don’t forget to take a look at our resource library for activities to help you, or somebody you love, learn better.

5. Write Notes and Revise Regularly

Unless you’ve got a photographic memory, you’re going to need to revise to fully take in the knowledge you’re learning. If you want to know how to do well in online classes, start by introducing revision into your weekly schedule.

The best way to do that is to take notes of the material you’re learning as you go. These are a great study aid, especially before an exam. You can condense, rework and go over the material in your own way.

This’ll cement the knowledge in your head, helping you retain the most important details.

Know How to Succeed in Online Classes

The best way to learn how to succeed in online classes is by treating it like you would any other class or job. The key to succeeding is finding the time and commitment in your life to work towards your goals.

Commit to a study schedule, find a quiet space to work, and seek regular feedback from your teachers to make sure you’re making progress.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.