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‘Gun! Gun! Gun!’- Campus Lock-Down

Colton Joshua Tooley, 19, on Tuesday morning dressed in a white shirt, a dark suit coat, a ski mask and an AK-47.

Tooley’s next step was to terrorize the University of Texas campus for more than 30 minutes by firing four shots in air before going into the Perry Castaneda Library. He stormed up a stairwell, screamed, and took his own life with his rifle on the sixth floor.

The campus went on lock-down, classes were stopped. A search for another shooter started. Police cleared the way for students to leave campus.

Pedro Duran, 26-student, was on campus to meet his sister as shots rang out. People shouted, “Gun! Gun! Gun!” Duran explained. He shielded himself behind a tree as shots were fired and saw people run from the library.

Dan Culpepper, sophomore, in ROTC who is studying sociology, shared he heard gunshots and headed toward the sound.

Students were sent a UT Alert text message at 8:17 a.m., told them to stay where they were and to wait for more information.

Police received multiple descriptions of the second suspect, but the only armed man was Tooley, a university spokesman said.

Tooley, sophomore, majored in math with no known history of trouble. The son of a local veterinarian, he graduated seventh in a class of 318 at Austin’s Crockett High School in 2009. Tooley’s family said they didn’t suspect anything like this could happen.

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