Five Creative Essay Writing Ideas Every Writer Should Know

Essay writing has been a part of students’ lives for a very long time. Essays are a cause of frustration for most students since they have to make deadlines, get good grades, along with juggling much more homework and assignments. Despite this, some students struggle with writing good essays above a certain level. There are some strategies, therefore, that every student should know about for writing the best possible essays, once they have the basics at their fingertips.

Begin With an Ending in Mind

In the case of narrative or descriptive essays, always know how your story is going to end before you start writing. This prevents you from rambling uselessly, giving excessive descriptions, going way over the word limit and that too without knowing how and where to end it. It also saves time and catches the reader’s attention. Readers actually feel they are reading something substantial instead of just watching a student throw words on paper.

Never Over-Explain

Explanations for examples and points are necessary, though the writer should always keep in mind that his essay will be read by qualified people and not someone who has no concept of the basics of the subject given. Explain every point in a few lines, using the appropriate jargon, instead of using a whole page on one point. Focus on the content, and remember, you are writing an essay, not a textbook!

Give Examples

Try your best to give examples of the points you state wherever necessary. Include them after your explanation so the reader can easily understand the point you are making. This provides evidence for whatever point you make and ensures your essay, overall, is interesting to read.

Avoid Redundancy

Try your best to not repeat words, phrases or points. Use proper synonyms for every word possible. Avoid using a big word without context. Use a dictionary where possible. Do not use sentences like ‘I ran and ran and ran’ to increase word count as it leaves a poor impression on the reader. Say ‘I ran a great distance’ Instead for better impact and saving word count. For this purpose, a thesaurus is of great help. With so many options available online, writing good essays should be easier.

Do Not Ramble

No reader likes reading an essay that does not get straight to the point. Jump into the topic at hand, straight from the introduction. Avoid giving a too long and over-detailed history for any topic. Use compressed words rather than long and boring phrases. No reader gives good grades when being frustrated.

Seek Help

It is no shame to seek help for writing essays occasionally. Learning from others can greatly enhance the database of your knowledge and help you write more articulate essays. You can ask your teachers, fellow colleagues, or even use online essay writing services for this purpose.

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