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Why Did Roy Kronk Wait Four Months to REDISCOVER Caylee’s Remains?

roy kronk
roy kronk

Clarity or still a lack of with Roy Kronk’s testimony on Tuesday? I felt as if Roy told the truth yesterday, and managed Cheney Mason’s questioning with a good amount of clarity of mind, and with consistency. However, a few problems come up that can’t be easily reconciled.

The first problem is, when the two officers met Roy on August 13th, why didn’t Deputy Cane try to find the exact spot where Kronk saw the skull? That is, why didn’t Roy lead the officers up to the spot so they could examine the find? This makes little sense!

Instead, we hear how Deputy Cane chewed Roy out, since he had slipped in the muck. This means the officers departed without properly investigating this suspicious scene.

And since everyone knew this could possibly be linked to the Anthony case, this makes it all the more puzzling, the haphazard follow-up on Kronk’s tip.

As a result of this strike-out, Roy himself does nothing but goes home and watches some TV. Why didn’t he return to the recovery area and take a closer look at what he thought he saw (in mid August of 2008)?

One would think his ire would have been up, his curiosity to know the truth, what with the treatment he had received from the Orange County detectives.

And yet Roy does nothing until December 11th, when he returns to the clearing area in the swampy woods to make the actual discovery. Why did he choose that exact time to return to the scene?

Let’s see, that exactly four months that went by before his curiosity is aroused enough to make a more detailed probe.

This is crazy! Here people were searching for Caylee on a daily basis, and this includes EquuaSearch, a professional organization that looks for missing children. Roy does nothing for four months. The two deputies do nothing, even though the story was blasting out of TVs and radios 24/7.

No wonder the defense is suspicious of this sequence of events. No wonder many suspect the discovery on December 11th was a staged event, with Roy Kronk as the patsy, the Lee Oswald of the zaniest case around for many, many years.

I thought Roy sounded authentic, credible, when on the stand yesterday, but I’m still having problems putting this together.

Things don’t fit together right. The biggest question mark comes up with the grey bag Roy saw on August 11th. He describes it as looking like a grey vinyl bag, such as would be seen as a pool cover. This would differ greatly from the black, traditional trash bags that we know the remains were found in.

How can we account for this discrepancy? I’m unable to do so. An alteration of some kind must have occurred between August 11th and December 11th. The recovery scene had been altered.

This is the only way to explain the change from a grey bag to a black bag. Moreover, the date of discovery must have been a scheduled one.

Nothing can explain why Roy Kronk didn’t act earlier after his failed attempts at alerting the authorities on August 11th. And are we to believe he didn’t return to the red flag pathway in the woods, when he knew full and well there was a $255,000 reward for finding Caylee?

The area was abuzz with media trucks and police cars, and yet the skull had already been found in August?

Unbelievable! And no, I don’t believe it. Evidence of an alteration of the recovery scene is abundant. Were the remains moved? Probably, several times over!

A Botanist Dr. Jane Bock testified that the remains could have been there for as little as two weeks. I’ll believe a scientist before I’ll believe an attorney. A staged discovery on December 11th? It can’t be proven, but there are signs.

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