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We are Equal Partners in Casey Anthony’s Illness Yesterday!

casey sick
casey sick

As Casey got sicker and sicker yesterday, all of us shared vicariously in this queasiness. Images which I had never seen, projected in my mind and prevented my restfulness.

Descriptions of the crime scene on Suburban Drive, a woody area inundated with lush verdure, were so graphic in nature, that they functioned as surrogates for an absence of visual viewing of the remains.

The psychology of Casey’s illness is touched on by legal analyst Bill Sheaffer over at the WFTV web site. Needless to say, it’s an omen of guilt and possibly a sign of self-contempt, as she is forced to reenact her handiwork of three years prior.

I sense that all of us are attempting to get into her skin, in order to simulate for ourselves what might possibly have been going through her mind in the summer of 2008 and what her thoughts are today.

And are we beginning to see hints of a conscience, that was buried underneath the debris of pathos and concealment, undefined character maladies that festered, untreated?

My own pangs of conscience last night were overtures of an over-extended, vicarious bonding; as if I played a role myself in those mid-summer days of confusion and nightmare oh so real.

A sign of a good story, where you buy into every detail and make it your own. I don’t know how some of these professional do it. I mean the ones who have to take the actual crime photos, gather evidence, and take it back to the lab for more testing.

The 911 call was played in court when meter reader Roy Kronk discovered the remains in December 11, 2008. This call brings you back into this shocking point in time. I viewed Gary Lee Utz’s (Chief Deputy Medical Examiner for Orange County) testimony in its entirety.

The video on WFTV omitted the photos, but Gary’s words were so precise, so graphic, that they act as substantial substitutes that need little in the way of additional support.

One other interesting item, is the reaction of the audience as they gaze at the images of forensic pathology with detachment and distance. And yet emotions can be detected in some of the beholders as the camera zooms in very close to the skull of the deceased infant. This was enough for me.

A pic of the garbage bags in the thicket, as well as a close up of a weathered strip of silver duct tape was all I wanted to see. Don’t understand how these medical examiners do it? There are reasons why we choose the particular professions we do. Gary Utz calls the eye-sockets of the skull orbits with scientific objectivity.

He has trained himself to be removed from the intrinsic drama associated with his specimen of evidence. I could never do that, but the drama lying underneath the chilly ephemera, I can deal with that.

Over the past three years, Lee has put this tragedy out of his mind. Yesterday the prosecution had to remind him of what he’s said before in previous depositions. Of most interest, is the grandiose whopper that Casey told him about Zanny and her sister holding her down in an Orlando park and kidnapping Caylee.

It looked painful for Lee to have to fish for this unsavory recollection. I sense that Lee doesn’t want to make a contribution to convicting his sister, but it looks like he’s doing exactly that.

That’s the problem with telling the truth. It can be painful and it can get you in just as much hot water as lying. This may explain why Casey prefers the lying route to inner harmony, if you’d like to think of it in those terms.

My theory for why Casey got ill yesterday, is the photos forced her to revisit those moments when she (most likely) put the finishing touches on the cover-up that would make her the most infamous woman ever in the history of mankind! Wouldn’t you gag a little yourself?

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