‘WANTED POSTER’ of DeDe Spicher Plastered on Social Media by Family!

“I don’t think it’s so unusual for friends to help one another in a time of need, especially to come to the rescue of someone who has been accused in the court of public opinion of possibly doing something horrendous.” – Jack Levin-a criminology professor and co-director of Northeastern University’s Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict-The Oregonian-July 22.

DeDe Spicher
The latest persecution (by the family) is directed at DeDe Spicher, a mere backto-nature gardener (seemingly). But where did DeDe go for 90 minutes on June 4th? Does she know anything about Kyron’s whereabouts? Is she covering-up for Terri? Time will tell.

A minimal biographical sketch of DeDe Spicher has been issued by select media outlets, such as KGW and The Oregonian in Portland. DeDe’s own words on blogspot describe her as: “a fitness junkie, med school wannabe, pet-sitting veteran, HOA board survivor and worm herder.” Woo, boy is she a bad person with those types of malicious milestones on her resume.

Oh, did I omit her love of gardening? Now that’s down-right evil! Don’t witches usually love gardening, where they can cultivate mind-altering herbs with which to poison their victims. Do remember in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs when the witch disguised herself as an apple peddler, and gave poor, innocent Snow White a ruby-red, delicious, yet rotten apple that made her sleep for a very long time.

And don’t they have a bountiful supply of delicious apples up there in Washington State? Seriously, DeDe has been doing an apprenticeship in gardening with author Jean Ann Van Krevelen. This looks like the type of program that Michelle Obama has been promoting, growing your own vegetables, learning to cook them, getting healthy, that kind of thing. About as wholesome as it gets, really.

The other side of the coin, is that search warrants were granted for three homes of friends to Terri Horman. Naturally, the police would need probable cause to give to a judge in order to obtain these search warrants. DeDe’s condominium was one of the abodes searched. A shadow of suspicion is now cast on her because she disappeared from a Northwest Portland home, where she was doing some gardening work. The dematerialization occurred at 11:30 AM on June 4th.

No one knew where she went or what she was doing during this time in question. I’ve heard she returned at 1:00 PM, so DeDe was gone for 90 minutes. It also turns out that this house was close to the home of Terri Horman. Obviously, the question is whether or not she interfaced with Terri during this time? Was she involved in some kind of conspiracy to cover-up a crime? Or did she maybe collude with Terri in covering up something BAD that had already happened?

These are serious allegations that the authorities, the family, the media and the public are all contemplating with a Sherlock Holmes’ fine tooth comb right at this very minute. But why would DeDe want to do any harm to little Kyron, or why would she cover for her friend if she knew that Terri would do something so bad as to harm Kyron? But flip the coin around and consider for just a minute the possibility that DeDe believes in Terri’s innocence. Wouldn’t this better explain her continued support in the face of a media blitz of slander and reprobation for the accursed stepmother? I think it would.

Just exploring the arguments. And another thing, I don’t believe these friends would be stupid enough as to leave something on their computer, such as an email, that could take the shape of incriminating evidence about the Kyron Horman case. It is possible though. But wouldn’t this be a huge burden on the minds and consciences of these friends, to be withholding vital information in a “criminal investigation?” Of course it would.

I don’t think ‘these friends’ to Terri would conspire in a conspiracy to cover-up a horrendous crime, such as killing a child. I don’t believe that DeDe would do this either. Rather, I favor the scenario suggested by Jack Levin (a criminology professor), that the authorities are “grasping at straws” since they don’t have a confession from Terri or any type of hard evidence whatsoever.

I don’t believe the police have anything on Terri, other than the two failed lie-detector tests. But suddenly now there’s the clue that Terri told the Skyline Elementary that Kyron had a doctor’s appointment that day. This would be the reason that the school wasn’t alarmed by the fact that Kyron never showed up for class. Later, Terri told the authorities she was mistaken, the doctor’s appointment was really on the 11th.

Therefore, as an alibi, she could say she had left him at the school and then go her merry way. I heard some say that this “doctor’s appointment” is a careful ruse to get Kyron out of the school and then to kidnap him, so to speak. This has been characterized by some as a clever, premeditated plan of Terri’s to commit such a sinister crime, as you might imagine it to be (because imagining it is all we have). Thus, the school, parents and everyone would have their defenses down during this ‘window of opportunity.’

I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe in the veracity of such a concoction as this. Terri would know that everyone would immediately be suspicious of her, since she’s the one who told the school that he had a doctor’s appointment. So once he went missing, it would be a no brainer that she did it. If this is the elaborate plot, then Terri must be oh so STUPID!

Isn’t it more logical that if Terri were to do something bad to Kyron, she would do it when he was at home, not at school where everyone could see and hear what’s going on. I still can’t understand how Terri could have driven out of the Skyline parking lot with Kyron in her truck, without anyone (someone) seeing her drive away. This would seem like a most unlikely possibility for how this came about. That’s why I don’t buy this theory for what went down on June 4th.

Finally, I want to touch on how this case is being investigated and promulgated by the authorities. The evidence of this case is piped through or filtered through the family only, mainly Kaine, Desiree and Tony. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office are letting the family release a stream of accusations, that more resemble the chastising pronouncements of the infamous 17th century witch hunter, Matthew Hopkins. You might recall the movie Conqueror Worm, starring Vincent Price as the ornery witch finder Matthew Hopkins. By way of an analogy, a most recent statement from the threesome says, in part, regarding DeDe Spicher:

“Additional information provided shows that she is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, she is also going as far as to suggest to others that may have information regarding Kyron’s disappearance, not to cooperate as well.”

Only the police would know that DeDe is not cooperating, or withholding pertinent information. But why arn’t the police holding their own press conferences? Why are they piping the ‘released facts’ through the angry voices of the frustrated biological parents? This must be a first for a method of investigation. And how does having the parents act as the spokes-people for the investigation advance a viable solution to the case? I don’t think it does.

Bruce McCain, who use to work for the Multnomah Sheriff’s Office, offered an alternative reason for this mystery of the investigators remaining silent and pushed to the background. As a surrogate to the official investigators, the family is substituting as the ‘public face’ to the investigation. McCain speculated that the family and the police may be experiencing a rift. Therefore, they are odds on the proper course of how to promulgate the case. That is, what should the public be allowed to know and what should they be excluded from knowing.

I favor this theory and don’t believe that the Sheriff’s Office would make such brazen accusations towards an innocent friend, such as DeDe Spicher. A back-to-nature gardener and retired HOA Board member is blatantly castigated in the public eye. This must have been perpetrated by the family alone. Remember, the FBI is deeply involved in this case also. The FBI would never conduct an investigation like this in such an unprofessional fashion. No way!

Yea, a rift must have developed between the family and the official investigators. And if we believe this, we must admit that this case has morphed to public madness. This is just what happened in England with the witch finder Matthew Hopkins, but now it’s occurring in a high-tech, social media atmosphere, a new and certainly more dangerous form of hysteria. DeDe’s ‘Wanted Poster’ is plastered on the internet in a millisecond. panic spreads like wildfire! A social sickness of lasting proportions, prejudging someone before the facts come out.

Last week it was Michael Cook, this week it’s poor DeDe Spicher. Who will be the victim next week come? It’s unsafe to be friends with Terri Moulton Horman. But I’m starting to see more brave souls coming forward and standing up for her. So far, no hard evidence has come out that would earmark Terri as verifiably guilty of any wrong doing. Social media is already notorious for its vicious rumor-mill-mongering. A precedent in misshaping public opinion by mere hearsay. Scary thought.

I thought things were quieting down on the Kyron/Terri/Kaine/Desiree front earlier in the week. I was wrong. Someone poured gasoline on smoldering embers. And a pleasant-looking lady who prefers a simple gardening life is the object of scorn in millions upon millions of American households. Toss her on the bonfire with the rest of the blackened carcasses, no one will mind. Will this madness ever be over with, or has “it only just begun,” as the Carpenters’ song goes?