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‘This Sucks.’ What Went Wrong With Robyn Gardner on Her Aruban Vacation?

robyn gardner
robyn gardner

From footage on HD TV Aruba gives an appearance of a veritable paradise, tranquil crystalline blue waters, sparkling sands, bathing beauties with bouncing beach balls, and luxurious resorts, a perfect opportunity for a slipshod getaway with little consequence.

Robyn posts a message (on Facebook) to her boyfriend (Richard Forester) back in Maryland: “This sucks.” Obviously, it doesn’t sound as if Robyn is enjoying her Aruban getaway. The fact that Robyn takes off with this stranger, implies she had some kind of altercation with her boyfriend before she left.

Giordano tries to slip out of Aruba on Friday (Aug 5th), but is detained by the authorities at the airport. The tall bearded man is suspected of murder. While witnesses have said they saw the couple together on the beach, no one has said they saw them snorkeling.

Authorities are gathering evidence together, impounding a rental car, confiscating computers and possibly smart phones as well. But no signs of Robyn? No physical evidence of a crime. Natalee Holloway all over again, people are saying.

But while Robyn is blonde and beautiful, even as Natalee, she is considerably older, 35 as a matter of fact. So why would she go to Aruba with this questionable Giordano character? Did she know him in any way, other than contact on the internet? This question hasn’t been answered yet.

An Associated Press article (Missing Md. Woman had mild side but wild tattoos by David Dishneau) emphasizes Robyn Gardner’s love for travel. A love for travel may be a partial explanation for her sudden trip to Aruba. But the piece also mentions Robyn blew off a cruise with friends, so this says something?

Moreover, the AP piece quotes from a good friend of Robyn’s, Christina Jones, who stated: “she’s a very trusting person.” I’ve heard nothing but bad things about 50-year-old Gary Giordano in the press, but maybe Robyn didn’t hear any of this negativity.

Some are mentioning Robyn should have done a background check on Giordano, but this seems a little over the top to me. On the other hand, you would think someone could have warned Robyn about the trouble Gary had gotten into. One must conclude, no one even knew she was in contact with him.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino (with accompaniment of surrounding beaches and water) looks marvelous from my armchair pedestal, staring contently at my HD Panasonic Viera. Beautiful indeed! Pix of a ravishing blonde, in a rapid slideshow presentation, are unsettling though. With the sound down and Nino Rota’s Amarcord chiming, I feel no pain.

I have the easy life, typing out words with little meaning, easy as the waves crash on shore, breezes tingle and soothe, the ching-a-ling of slot machines or children laughing, building sand castles to heaven, forgetful of any looming danger. Another unsolved case in Aruba! This will go nowhere, but will we learn this time?

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