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Remembering Doctor Michael J. Davidson of Brigham and Women’s Hospital

michael j davidson
Michael J Davidson.

Dr. Davidson: Victim of Terrorist Act in Workplace

The Tuesday, January 20, 2015, was a black and very sad day not only for me as his patient, but for all patients and the medical staff of the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (at Shapiro Building) in Boston. We have lost forever our beloved and best doctor Michael J. Davidson, the Associate Cardiac Surgeon-Director of Vascular Cardiac Surgery.

I was shocked and very sorry to hear about the death of my Doctor because it was sudden death and in the unbelievable circumstances of assassination by Stephen Pasceri.

The Boston Globe wrote “Dr. Michael J. Davidson, 44 year old was shot to death at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston by Stephen Pasceri who then took his own life, police said.”

Michael J Davidson.

Davidson’s death was unnatural because he was killed in his office at the workplace of the “Shapiro” building at BWH without being hindered by anyone. I am puzzled it happened when that hospital has its own security!

Was the main door of the “Shapiro” protected by the security personnel at that time? Was that door secured by proper security?

These very serious and important questions for ensuring people’s lives and property of hospital should take into account not only the main management of BWH, but especially the Security Department of this hospital to ensure security of its staff.

Dr. Michael J. Davidson on January 20, 2015, fell victim to a terrorist act committed by Stephen Pasceri who finally killed himself.

The terrorist Stephen Pasceri didn’t only kill Dr. Davidson, but dozens and hundreds of his patients in the future. At 44-years old, he was relatively young and very skilled in his profession as Cardiac Surgeon and Director of Division of Cardiac Surgery. From 2008 to January 20, 2015, he operated on and successfully treated hundreds of patients.

Without any doubt, Dr. Davidson was an excellent doctor and was loving, respectful, and very dedicated to all his patients. His high consciousness, human behavior and culture, his modesty and professionalism were the most effective medicine for the healing of patients.

I can also testify to his tireless work even during, and after regular working hours, during the day and at night. His care and help to his patients was always at the forefront – his primary duty, according to Hippocrates Oath.

The murder of Dr. Davidson is a great loss, not only for his honored family, for his medical staff at BWH, but also for all of us as a society because we have lost an excellent doctor and a prominent personality.

Lastly, for this painful and sad case, I expressed my deep condolences to his wife, children and the whole of Davidson’s afflicted family and his colleagues at the department of the Division of Cardiac Surgery, as well to the Brigham and Women’s Health Care President, Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD.

God bless you and rest in peace my beloved and unforgettable Dr. Michael J. Davidson! You will remain aneternal memory in our hearts.

Goodbye my Doctor! Goodbye my honored friend! Goodbye the savior of my life!

I am happy and proud that I had the opportunity to know you and to be your friend and patient.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.

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