Prosecutors Seize Electronic Evidence Between Andrea and Hemy!

For reasons unknown to me, I returned this morning to the public statement by the brother Steve to the news media, right after the shooting. I know what it is now, I wanted to hear again for myself how much he thought his brother was loved. This is what’s been puzzling me so since last November. It’s obvious to me that Steve is clueless as to any internal machinations within the family that would be contrary to this perceived ‘love for his brother.’

I reread the slow trickle of news coming from the AJC yesterday. Now investigators can have access to all electronic records (emails and cell phone calls) between Hemy Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman, from 9/1/’10-1/15/’11. Prosecutors have a hunch (and I don’t know how so?) that within these records “there is being concealed certain evidence…that would indicate planning, premeditation or collaboration to commit murder.”

rusty and andrea sneiderman

This is a little odd. I don’t know for certain, but it looks as if prosecutors are still trying to construct the motive after they have already arrested a suspect on strong physical evidence. Usually, the police have a strong motive initially, but lack good physical evidence. Another ‘unsolved mystery’ is exactly how, or better, what cause did they come up with to arrest Hemy Neuman.

I suspect the rented vehicle may have something to do with it. A scenario comes in my mind where an alert employee at the car rental outlet, upon hearing the news of the Dunwoody day care shooting, puts two and two together, when Mr. Neuman returns the silver Kia Sedona minivan on the afternoon of November 17th, the day Rusty Sneiderman was shot and killed.

A Kia Sedona (a Hyundai) is not exactly a Dodge minivan, but they look very much alike. Okay, so they found a synthetic hair from the fake beard that Neuman apparently wore as a disguise when he stalked and shot Mister Sneiderman right in the parking lot. This makes me believe all the more that an alert employee was the one who searched the vehicle. They were smart enough not to vacuum the Kia Sedona, and thereby destroy significant evidence.

kia sedona

It had to go down this way. This alert employee probably called the cops right after Hemy returned this vehicle, which was seen by quite a few witnesses at the day care center. This particular plan, or alleged plan (I must say) of Mister Neuman’s doesn’t look so failsafe, in retrospect. Coming from a GE executive background, as it is. And leaving these fake beard fibers behind in the rented minivan is a major oversight.

And if they find a good amount of electronic record exchanges between Hemy and Andrea, this will suggest further awkwardness in planning. And how do prosecutors already know, anyway, that such incriminating evidence exists?

They must have foreknowledge of say, some of these email exchanges. This is a sign to me that a third party has tipped them off to the existence of these records, that contain ‘conspiracy to commit murder.’

This leads me back to Andrea’s statement from earlier in February where she says “I was thankful and relieved when the police made an arrest but I was shocked to learn that the man charged with the murder was my former boss, a person who we thought was a friend of our family.”

hemy zvi neuman

It’s difficult to spin this statement in any other way than Andrea didn’t have any idea what was on Hemy’s mind. We’ll have to see whether these emails and cell phone calls will contradict these revelations of innocence.

For me, the clincher to hypocrisy will be what she says (or writes) after Rusty was already dead. And I just can’t imagine that these two would be stupid enough to leave such records, in the wake of a highly public execution?!

I suspect the records will read like code, such as was used by the CIA or the KBG during the Cold War. These two professionals are not going to be so brazen in their pronouncements, that might imply collusion to kill the husband, unless they abandoned caution to the wind, in the face of certitude they could get away with it.

Decoding these electronic records will be a monumental task for the prosecution. I can’t help but recall the shoddy caution incorporated by Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurry in Double Indemnity. Nonetheless, a sagacious claim adjustor, Barton Keyes (Edward G. Robinson), had a gut feeling all is not right.