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Is Arias Waiting to Die?

Recently, I watched a backlog of programs on the Jodi Arias trial that kept popping up while I was covering the case as it evolved. In addition to the usual comparisons to Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony, I saw another realization: Arias may literally be waiting to die.

Jodi Arias is charged with the murder of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias is accused of stabbing the Mormon Arizona resident, slashing his throat and shooting him in the head before leaving him in the shower stall to die.

The first clue that she is awaiting to die came to me when during her incarceration, she suddenly became busy with so many objectives that seemed to not really be too important to her; she got her GED and began studying languages and singing. Honestly, part of me wondered if she knew where she was; she seems to be acting as if she is in a college campus instead of a high security prison.

Another suggestion of this comes from the numerous interviews she gave both the police and, more intriguingly, the media. In addition to using words such as “heinous” and other words that define the same aggravating circumstances that call for the death penalty when discussing the murderous acts which took Travis Alexander. She even went as far as to say that “if” she did it, she would “beg for the death penalty”; a statement that famous former prosecutor responded to saying “be careful what you wish for”.

There was also a line in an interview which tells me not only that she may just be waiting to die but she doesn’t even believe in the obvious laws her defense is presenting. When discussing her relationship with Alexander, Arias actually said she “never” felt threatened by the actions of Alexander. How on earth does self defense fly if the “victim” herself is saying this?

Some of you may be asking yourself, then while the trial. When someone wants something so much there is a higher entity that they must have: Self obsession. If she does not go to trial, the interviews, art sales (she is selling her art on eBay to supposedly pay for her defense), and more importantly the attention ends as well as the consistent and to me nauseating notoriety she is already receiving. To me, I believe this trial is just an Arias Party for the woman of the hour.

While the now famous smiling mug shot and continual smiles can also be seen as an acceptance that the end is near, I believe it is more happiness that she achieved her highest agenda item: She had Travis and thanks to her, nobody else will have him after her.

Whether her alleged wish will occur will not be known yet; the jury is out until the end of this month. Either way, Arias is a name that will live in crime infamy.

A New York Native, Heather is our resident Nancy Grace regarding national court and crime issues. She has a Masters Degree in Law as well as a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Her crime blog can be found at www.BachmanontheBench.com.

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