Hemy Neuman Had a Motive for Shooting Rusty Sneiderman! What Was It?

We know the facts. What’s in question, however, is what was on Hemy Neuman’s mind? What’s he thinking now? What was on Andrea Sneiderman’s mind on November 18, 2010? And what preoccupied Rusty Sneiderman’s thoughts in the weeks and days leading up to his death? Was it only professional (thinking), or was something else going on? Does the prosecution have any remnants (such as emails or taped phone calls) of these undercurrents of psychological drama?

We may know soon as Hemy Neuman’s trial for the murder of Rusty Sneiderman begins this week in Decatur, Ga., which is on the outskirts of Atlanta. Jury selection is underway and opening statements are expected as early as next Tuesday. I started a file on this case back when it happened, which has grown and grown, but the only problem is that the Sneiderman/Neuman file is locked away in my Public Storage unit.

rs hemy andrea

Well, that’s okay, since I can still remember what happened and how our news services covered the case, dating from November 18, 2010, when Rusty Sneiderman was shot in the parking lot of a Dunwoody day-care center. This was shocking and still is shocking to me, as I watched (this morning) original TV news (11 out of Atlanta, I believe) coverage on the internet just hours after it went down. Why did Hemy pick this day-care facility to do what it looks like he planned to do?

Once again, what’s going through my mind (as I watch the pristine footage), is I’m wondering what was going through the salient characters’ (Hemy, Andrea, and Rusty himself) minds that day? Did Andrea have any foreknowledge of what was about to happen? Or did Hemy simply plan this crazy act out on his own without telling Andrea what he intended to do? How can the prosecution establish with any certainty what was on the minds of any of these highly intelligent professionals?

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There is certainty that Neuman killed Sneiderman. The motive is the wildcard. If Hemy was having an affair with Andrea, why kill her husband? This would certainly ruin everything and permanently terminate their relationship also. Actually, this was the effect of his actions. He’s in jail now and won’t ever be able to see Andrea again, except if he catches a fleeting glance of her in a crowded courtroom. So, once again, the question of his motive seems to get at the heart of this mystery, which still hasn’t been solved.

This may be our motive for staying glued to our computers, checking for news reports once opening arguments begin in earnest. I just may have to pay my storage facility a visit, to see if I can dig out my file. Let’s see, I wonder which box I put it in? I believe I inventoried the archive boxes fairly carefully? I know it will be a challenge (my unit looks like King Tut’s tomb) to locate the Sneiderman file, but my motive is the riches contained within the file, which I suspect has secret, valuable clues.

I remember now why I chose not to go into law enforcement. I’m not well-organized enough to be a homicide detective. Lost vital evidence? Perhaps, but it’s only secondary evidence. Newspaper clippings, photographs, scribbles of theories, and I almost forgot, many angry emails from people in Atlanta who were saying that I need to keep out of this business of Dunwoody and the horrible thing that occurred there. Well, I have a right to know and am even more curious now than ever before! Still, a central question for me is how could Andrea not have recognized the police sketch of the Dunwoody Prep School shooter as Hemy Neuman? I’m certain the prosecution will ask her that very question when she’s called to the witness stand next week.

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