Final Chapter for Frightful Fate of Debbie Flores-Narvaez Has Been Written!

“A tired looking ambulance crew-Poisonville gave them plenty of work-brought a litter into the room, ending Reno’s tale. I was glad of it. I had all the information I wanted, and sitting there listening to and watching him talk himself to death wasn’t pleasant.” Red Harvest-Dashiell Hammett

Everything is in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Arrest Report. All of the major news coverage is culled from this wrenching report, and that includes mine. The fate of Debbie Flores-Narvaez, who went missing on December 12th, has been revealed. Through solid detective work, the Las Vegas police have woven a narrative that tells the exact sequence of events. Jason Blu Griffith did it. His roommate, Louis Colombo, helped him cover it up.

What I abstract from this, is Blu made it a public affair. Of course, Colombo was going to find out. He had been there and left. But before leaving, he had to shake Blu off of Debbie, who was choking her. One wonders why Colombo left, since things were getting so dicey. Maybe he didn’t care? Domestic violence three times already the past year. Blu tried to get a gun on December 7th or 8th. Was Debbie violent too?

debbie and blu

The case breaks on January 5th. Pages 4, 5 and 6 of the report detail how the case was cracked. Kalae Casorso knew who did it on back on December 15th. Kalae sat on this burdensome knowledge for three long weeks. Says she feared Colombo and I believe her. The fact that Blu asked her whether he could store the blue plastic tub, full of rocky cement, over at her apartment, is unfathomable! See what I mean by making it public.

Blu must be a sociopath, if he would think that Kalae would want to store this suspicious tub filled with concrete on her porch. What would friends say when they came over? Blu tried to hide it from her, but spilled the beans when talking to her at the back of the U-Haul. Holding incriminating evidence inside for three weeks. News of Debbie flashing across the HD TVs 24/7 – Kalae must have been a nervous wreck, but threats of reprisal were real. Just getting to know these sleaze-bags.

Colombo tells the police everything, but one item caresses my curiosity. Was it Blu who returned to a grimy parking lot in Las Vegas, where Debbie’s maroon 1997 Chevrolet Prism was abandoned, and removed the license plates? Wanted it to look like kids had swiped em. Part of his plan. Prism left by crack house where street gangs roam.

debbie flores narvaez

Blu is a dumb criminal. On December 22nd LV police search his apartment and find receipt from Flying J Truck Stop for micro-fiber sponges and bleach. 12/15/2010 as date on receipt. Items suspiciously imply cleaning products for mop up on crime scene. And every movement of rented U-Haul truck can be traced. Especially the final resting spot of the blue tub, which ended up in a closet of a friend who had left the country. Why did this friend leave their house keys with Blu?

Yea, absurd, you leave the country and your pal parks the body of his former girlfriend, who’s a famous Las Vegas dancer, in your closet, which acts as a makeshift graveyard. This begs the question of the day, why didn’t Blu simply take the tub out in the desert and bury it? Isn’t that usual MO in Las Vegas, done in just that fashion for decades on end? Blu aint that smart. But it says something ’bout how he regards his friends, that he believes they wouldn’t mind storing a body at their home for him. What are friends for, if not to help you out when you get in a jam! Blu not operating with a full deck; too much TV or movies, thought it was scripted, not the real deal.

When soaking in the final chapter of this gruesome tale last night, I thought of the callousness of all involved. This reminded me of Dashiell Hammett’s days as a Pinkerton. Don’t have many of his books, but do have a soiled, yellowing paperback of Red Harvest, published in 1929. The twenties were lots like today’s times.

Unimpeded violence, drunkenness and gang warfare for turf, like Mexico and drug cartels. The other angle is no one has a conscience, not criminals, cops or voracious public. Ah Hah, I thought to myself, our times are like Hammett’s times in the twenties. No different. Vegas is Personville. Blu and Colombo are Whisper and Reno.