Drew Peterson’s Future: Murder Trial or Sentence?

Drew Peterson Legal Team’s Internal Debacle

Citing ineffective counsel, the Drew Peterson Legal Team’s internal debacle has allowed their client to receive a two-day hearing in February where it will be decided if the currently convicted murderer receives another try at freedom or a sentence for the current conviction.

Due to the charges, Peterson may face up to 60 years behind bars. Peterson is currently convicted of the March 2004 murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. He is also a suspect in the disappearance of Stacey Peterson. The trial, which lasted 24 days, was followed by every media organization and not only labeled the defense terms such as the “Dream Team” who were famous for consistent objections during the trial and decisive legal objectives including, according to some experts, putting his missing fourth wife Stacey Peterson on the witness list.

Will Former Cop Turned Convict Be Retried Or Sentenced Immediately?

Presiding Judge Edward Burmila, after receiving the notice from the defense February 19th and 20th, it will either be decided that the former cop turned convict will be retried for the charges or will be sentenced immediately. Already prosecutors, supposedly predicting the latter will occur, have subpoenaed Peterson’s second wife, Victoria Connolly as well as one of his sons, Eric Peterson to testify during the sentencing hearing. Connolly will testify to threats made to her by Peterson as well as an event in which Drew held a gun to her head and another where he broke into her locked home. Eric Peterson will reiterate the testimony he previously gave that he witnessed his father attack Savio.

The factor which led to the charge of ineffective counsel was when the defense called Savio’s divorce attorney Harry Smith to the stand; a move that allowed hurtful hearsay evidence that Stacey Peterson stated she knew that Drew had killed Savio. Post interviews with the jury showed that this testimony convinced them to convict Peterson. Immediately the team pointed fingers at who was responsible for the move; this ended with the accused being attorney Joel Brodsky and the two-day hearing where the now removed attorney will testify at.

Life Behind Bars Has Not Been Kind to Drew Peterson

At a recent hearing, Cassandra Cales, the sister of Stacy Peterson, said life behind bars has not been kind to her brother-in-law.

“I like to see Drew and the effect jail is having on him,” Cales said. “Today he was really old looking.”

Stacey Peterson has been missing since October of 2007. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts should contact their local police department or FBI office.