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Doubts Arise! A Mysterious Search of Suburban Dr. By Private Investigators!

suburban drive
suburban drive

How did two private investigators know to look in the woods for Caylee’s remains, one month prior to the actual discovery by Roy Kronk?

The P. I.s, Jim Hoover (the videographer) and Dominic Casey searched the Suburban Drive woods on November 15 and 16, 2008 at the behest of a psychic, Ginette Lucas. But who requested they search there?

While perceptibly a diversionary tactic of the defense, the testimony of these two private investigators has a deeper meaning. I would advise you (I’m doing it also) to view Tapes 12-16 on WFTV 9 to hear Jim and Dominic’s testimony. What is the significance of their search of the woods?

Who was pushing their button really? Was it George and Cindy? Dominic claims he did the search at the behest of the psychic, Ginette Lucas.

But how did Ginette know to look at this location, which turned out to be the correct location. How close did they actually come to the remains? Were the remains covered with water, thus preventing them from seeing them?

And why were the investigators looking for three white paver stones? Then they searched an abandoned house, at the request of the psychic.

On the November the 16th they returned to Suburban Drive to search, perhaps more thoroughly. Dominic brought a stick to use as a probe, to possibly find the remains.

But how close did they come to the location of deposit by whomever? I will need to see the Hoover video again. Seeing how it’s worth over $200,000, I may need to see it several times over.

So here we go, the ultimate question is, perhaps, since these two went over the ground fairly closely, does this suggest the remains were not there one month prior to being found there?

This is, I suspect, the motive of the defense. Does this paint a picture where there is doubt about Caylee’s remains being in this wooded dump-grounds for everything under the sun, at this time?

In November of 2008 Casey is in jail. Therefore, she couldn’t have moved the body herself during this time in question, since she found herself incarcerated.

Not that the defense has proven in any way that these PIs went over the actual spot where the remains ended up being, (and noticed they weren’t there at that time), but rather it plants the idea that the twosome could have come upon a body, but never did. The defense is not required to prove this.

However, it does make a strong case. The remains were found in the most obvious place, right within the opening of the woods, where a noticeable path had been formed by a retinue of former explorers to this scary area.

Therefore, it’s is likely they stumbled fairly close to the exact location. It’s also logical to suggest, that had something been there, they would have seen it.

Okay, so maybe the remains were completely submerged in water? Or were they only partially submerged in water? This is an area of investigation that needs more probing. To summarize, we already have evidence that the remains had been tampered with and possibly moved there at a later date.

A botanist said that leaf litter about the remains was only two weeks. Dr. Spitz said the duct tape had been applied post mortem to hold the jaw bone. Now two PIs can’t find them, even when stumbling over the scene. Thus, the remains were not there yet in November of 2008.

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