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Did Hemy Perceive That Rusty Was Trying to Set Him Up for a Fall?

hemy and andrea
hemy and andrea

“Investigation revealed that there was continuous communication between Andrea Sneiderman and the defendant before and after the homicide.” Indeed, and communication between the defendant and victim as well. Did Rusty begin to suspect something last August? “I can see why Andrea is enjoying working with you.” Was Rusty doing a little snooping of his own?

A few of these emails have been released, thanks to WSB-TV and Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik. Hopefully more of these will come out. Admittedly I’m projecting, but I think the game began to change last August. Now Rusty buddies up to Hemy, but why? The most obvious reason would be to see if he could find out what this man was up to, whether he had designs on his wife.

His ruse is to see if he can help him get a job. It’s claimed Rusty circulated Neuman’s resume as an effort to help him find a new job. What was the problem with his position at GE? One email of Sneiderman’s reads: “It’s about a GE exec who leaves GE, buys a business and sells it a few years later for a significant profit.”

Was Rusty playing some kind of game with Hemy, fronting as a headhunter who could makes his professional dreams come true? We’re seeing early signs of it. As this goes forward, in a logical probe of motive, one might also come to believe that Hemy was on to him, and began to grow with ire as he saw himself being bated.

In other words, this was a public set-up to humiliate Mister Neuman. Whether it was or wasn’t is another question. But this must have been how he saw it, that the husband of his object of affection was playing him for a fool. What else could it be?

And let’s not forget he may have wanted to create a vacancy, an elimination of the competition, you might say. He must have been rationalizing to himself, that he could do it, if this man was setting him up for a fall.

“Good night Mon Ami and thanks for the inspiration.” Tidbits so far. No direct evidence of an affair. Two trips, one to Europe and one to Colorado. I heard on JVM that the one to Europe involved a visit to a castle, dinner and a theater show. A little extension to a mere business trip. No, we don’t have much so far. Neighborhood scuttlebutt of an affair, I heard also.

For me, I believe that Rusty becomes ‘proactive’ in August, even having lunch with Hemy on August 12th. This is, I think (again), when things started to get tense and psychological games (warfare) were played full tilt boogie. Check out this scenario. If Hemy was thinking that Rusty was on to him (and Andrea), then he would perceive that Rusty was trying to set him up for a fall, by floating his resume in professional circles.

This is a high-stakes game of professional subversion, as perceived in the mind of a GE executive. So his pride is hurt and he decides to get revenge. If Rusty knew that others in the business world were privy to these overtures of romance, then he could fix this man good by posturing himself as a ‘promoter of his client.’ That is, he could turn the cards on his perception (in people’s minds) as a cooked cuckold.

Thus, Hemy’s plot (or better yet, his conspiracy) is a counter measure (his counterinsurgency) to what he fathomed as Rusty’s ‘public frame-up.’ True, I’m being melo-dramatic, but remember how high stakes things can get in the world of big business. If someone thinks they’ll be ruined because of someone else’s actions, they might just kill someone. This is exactly what happened. Notice I didn’t sketch how Andrea fits into this. I’m working on it.

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